13. June 2020 - 16:30 till 19:30
Diversity Station, Perth
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Diversity Station 2020 Audition: Second round | Saturday, 13. June 2020

Welcome to Diversity's 2020 Auditions: Second round! Every year, we hold an audition to invite new members into our crew. This is where you will get the chance to join our elite performance team and showcase your amazing talents in dancing, singing and more!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic in the beginning of the year, a lot of our attendees couldn’t make it to our first auditions so upon popular request, we have decided to open up this second round for those who have missed out on the chance to audition for our performance team. As the restrictions have been lifted we hope to see you at our second round of audition! Goodluck?

For those that love to perform, this is your opportunity to shine on the stage!

As a member of Diversity Station, you will be a part of a team of dedicated and passionate performers, artists and organisers unlike any other in Perth!


➤ Date: SAT 13/06/2020

➤ Time: 2-5PM

➤ Address: 58/188 Newcastle street (on Washing Lane), Northbridge

➤ Cost: FREE - just attend ✅




An individual performance and your chosen song(s). Your performance should be less than 2 minutes long (please bring your chosen song(s) on your phone/USB).



If you’re looking to audition for Diversity Station, please complete the form below by 13/6/2020 @ 12PM!

LINK: https://forms.gle/79dFvb8hNtQ8R8Bv7



Your audition will start off with a brief interview. Don’t stress - this interview is just a casual chat with some of our executive members so that we can get to know you!


As part of your audition, you are required to prepare an individual performance. Pick a song of any genre of your choice and show us what you've got! This will give us the chance to see your dance style, skill and - of course - your passion!

We recommend that you be as creative and bold as you can be. Whether it’s K-pop, C-pop, J-pop or hip hop, we are open to a diverse range dance/performance genres, since we are *DIVERSITY* performance crew after all!



As a member of Diversity, we have a few things that we expect from you:

1) Regularly attend dance practices and/or meetings.

2) Practice in your own time if you fall behind.

3) Put your 100% into your commitments as a Diversity member.

4) Speak up if you’re struggling so that we can solve the problem together.

5) Respect fellow members. Any unacceptable behaviour will be dealt with.

Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to stretch and confirm your details! Remember to make sure you have registered at the link in the ‘Registration’ section. You will have some time to stretch and rehearse prior your audition, so please bring earphones.

Feel free to message our page or email us at email if you have any questions.

Can’t wait to see you there! ❤️