06. May 2017 - 10:00 till 14:00
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Drugs & Other Addictions Info Day - Woodvale | Woodvale Baptist Church | Saturday, 06. May 2017



Peter Lyndon-James specialises in two things:

1. Showing a person how to change their life.
2. Showing families how to bring the person to the point of wanting to change.

Do you know someone struggling with addiction? Do you want to know how to help them?


Get information, hear testimonies and ask questions.
Everyone welcome: old, young, male or female - it can happen to anyone.

RSVP to Peter Lyndon-James at 0404 654 004 or info@

Come along to the information day where Peter Lyndon-James will teach you how to:

- Never give up on a person, but set boundaries
- Guard your heart
- Bring the truth in live
- Put the ball in their court
- Speed up the process to bring the person to a point of wanting to change
- Help that person when they get to a point of change
- Care for yourself and your family as it all unfolds
- Work out where a person is at in regard to addiction - A, B, C, D or E

A - Just starting out (recreational user) at a fork in the road
B - Weekly user, every weekend, thinks it's ok
C - Won't listen, made their mind up, can't see it's wrong, un teachable
D - Pathway to destruction, using every day, selling assets, life falling apart, lost family
E - Flat out user, lost all friends and family, everything around them is falling to pieces

You will also learn what you do and don't do:

- Blame yourself
- Pay debts of any kind
- Do things on their behalf
- Be angry at the person
- Let them back in your home when they hit rock bottom

- Learn to let go
- Set your boundaries
- Understand the drug

The problem we have:

- We don't have everyone on the same page.
- Too many people take the "do as I say not do as I do" approach expecting it to change something.
- We don't have enough rehabilitation centres.
- In some cases we are taking them from an Illegal addiction to a legal one.
- There are many people who are not serious about wanting to change and we are putting them with the ones who are therefore taking out the serious ones in the process.

We will also be hearing a couple of testimonies from parents and ex-addicts who have come out the other side.

Anyone is invited, male or female, young or old. You will also have an opportunity to ask questions on the day.
  • FAMILIES and addicts affected by methamphetamine abuse have the opportunity to hear the founder of Australia’s strictest rehab centre speak in Woodvale. Peter Lyndon-James, who runs Shalom House, will give a presentation at Woodvale Baptist Church on Saturday, May 6. Mr Lyndon-James, a West Australian of the Year finalist, is a former addict who has turned his life around after a criminal past put him in jail. His rehab centre demands exceptional discipline from its attendees during a 12-month program, only accepting those Mr Lyndon-James believes have the will to beat their addiction. “The calls from desperate parents don’t stop,” he said. “Often parents and family members think they’re doing the right thing to help their loved ones in addiction by putting a roof over their head and paying their bills but they are in fact doing the wrong thing. It is sad to see that some of them are prolonging the inevitable by shielding their children from the consequences of their choices.” The Neighbourhood Watch Landsdale and Surrounds group, co-ordinated by local resident Sandra Libardi, is supporting the event. Ms Libardi said the Woodvale church was the only venue big enough to accommodate the crowd they were expecting at the free presentation. “Families are crying out for help and are not sure where to turn,” she said. “In our area we see burglaries, vehicle crimes, domestic violence and a lot of these are due to the drug epidemic on our streets. “Peter has been an addict… and been in jail so he is the right person who can relate to how addicts find it hard to get out of their downward spiral.” The event runs from 10am to 2pm.
  • Will you do more of these information days? I can't make this one but interested to attend. Thanks
  • Here's some feedback from our previous information days.
  • Are young women welcome too or is it best to take them to a Shella's evening? Are they still happening?
  • Thank you