03. March 2018 - 19:00 till 22:00
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Ed Sheeran - Perth Stadium Perth Australia | Perth Stadium | Saturday, 03. March 2018

Ed Sheeran announces extra tour dates for his ÷ World Tour. He will tour seven stadium shows across Australia and New Zealand.

Tickets available here:
❖ tinyurl.com/Ed-Sheeran-3-Mar-Perth
❖ goo.gl/csscBL

Tues 16 May - 3pm local time (5pm AEST)
Ticket limit of 4 per purchaser per show

Tues 23 May - 3pm local time (5pm AEST)
Ticket limit of 6 per purchaser per show

General Admission (Front Standing) | $166.34
General Admission (Rear Standing) | $105.20
A-Reserved Seating | $166.34
B-Reserved Seating | $105.20
C-Reserved Seating | $74.64
  • Has anyone got two tickets they're selling (pref seated) for either night in Perth? :)
  • OK, you guys can have a page too www.facebook.com/events/1590979187616449
  • ... We hear whispers ... MEL - www.facebook.com/events/1470961239877320 SYD - www.facebook.com/events/507392509601241 BNE - www.facebook.com/events/336911916729033
  • Selling 3 tickets
  • Is anyone willing to swap 3 A reserve seating tickets on the Saturday night for the Friday? I have 3 tickets for Friday and I have just realised I can't go on Friday night! Desperately looking to swap to the Saturday night! PM me if you have any tickets!
  • Anyone willing to swap their REAR STANDING tickets on the 3rd for the show on the 2nd? 💞💞
  • Anybody selling 2 or 3 sitting or standing tickets to either of the concerts ??! Desperate!!! 🤞🏼
  • I am looking for 3 tickets for my boss an his two suns an so devastated they missed out, pls let me know if anyone has any **
  • Selling 2 standing/ general admission etickets for the Friday night - friend managed to get seating ones instead so no longer need them :) PM me if interested (The tickets aren't printable til January but thought I'd try sell them on here before viagogo haha)
  • Anyone selling 2x reserved seating tickets? Not wanting hard copy. E-tickets only.
  • Does anyone know what the white block is among the colour ?? Hoping it's not a pole or a blockage?? It's not restricted viewing seats but it has me wondering!!
  • Anyone want to swap a Friday ticket for my Saturday? Front standing only !
  • Would anyone like to swap 2 friday seated tickets for Saturday?
  • Looking to swap a front standing ticket. I want one for the 3rd (second show), as I have a ticket for the 2nd (first show).
  • Hallelujah... third time lucky! Finally got tickets, I'm a happy girl 🤗🤗🤗
  • It goes on sale at 1pm today the 2ns concert???? if anybody gets through I'd love one please xxxx
  • Which site is better to get tickets from? Ticket Master or Ticketek?
  • Looking a rear standing ticket for the first show 🙏🏼
  • Second and final show added!
  • Whoop, whoop...thank you Ed Sheeran for adding another show....fingers crossed we get some this time. 👍👋👋
  • New show added !!!
  • Looking for 3/4 tickets please :))
  • Ok tried to book disabled seating area for my daughter as dont know where she will be next March a good or bad day but either way distance requires her Wheelchair only to find out have to call as cant book online?? Really well couldnt get through and when I do its sorry sold out !! So when does being disabled deny your right to book online like everyone else ! 😣
  • In needing 5 seating tickets please!!
  • need 2/3 tickets sitting together any spot in the stadium is fine:)