25. September 2017 - 18:00
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Free Dance Classes in Subiaco | Juan Rando Dance Academy | Monday, 25. September 2017

Get ready for Free Dance Classes

Come a give it a try!

FREE INTRO CLASSES (30min) at 6pm

Every Monday: Bachata or Tango

Every Tuesday: Salsa or Kizomba

Every Wednesday: Cuban Salsa or West Coast Swing

Every Thursday: Zouk

Try as many styles as you like!
  • Isaac Reynolds Cameron Sinclair lets go
  • Bryony McCrudden ;)
  • Sasha Spiers LETS TRY THIS!! Will be hilar
  • https://www.facebook.com/betagraphicdesign/posts/753572724842848
  • How much longer do the paid classes go for. And how much do they cost?
  • Hello! I'm wondering about the way it says two different dance classes per day - are these two classes being taught at the same time, or alternating each week? Also, how do we RSVP, or do we just turn up? My apologies if I've missed reading something somewhere.
  • Jimmy Bowler 💃💃 Salsa, Tango.. Zouk!! 😎
  • Are the dance classes free? What types of dances do you teach? 😀 I am so keen to learn..
  • Can I come as a solo party? :)
  • I would like to come I did some dancing in school so I won't be classed as a begginer
  • My wife and I are looking forward to the Cuban Salsa or West Coast Swing class tomorrow :)
  • Always wanted to learn how to dance Tania Graves... when r u going?
  • Would you need to bring a partner or would you be paired with another member?
  • Sorry but i cant come :(
  • Chloe Qian