17. November 2017 - 18:00
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Hawkers at Honeywood | The Local Farmers Market Honeywood | Friday, 17. November 2017

Twilight Hawkers at Honeywood is proudly bought to you by The Local Farmers Market.
Come down to our usual location on the 3rd Friday of the Month and enjoy an array of cuisines. Some of our regular food vendors that you know and love will be there plus many more new ones!
  • Sneaky first course before the rush Shak Shuka - Moroccan Experience
  • 😎Today is the day and its going to be a beautiful evening once again so bring your friends, family and picnic packs, grab some amazing food and head to the park to kick back and relax! We trade from 6pm to 9pm and have dinner and dessert covered. 🎢 We have our awesome DJ Sash to keep the tunes going and Ultimate Slotracer as well to amuse the kids 🏎️ Just incase you've forgotten our lineup looks like this: Get Chips or Die Frying Curry & A Quarter Loaf serving coffee as well β˜• Shak Shuka - Moroccan Experience Jumplings tasty dumplings The Fire Truck Pizzeria Smokey J's BBQ Pudding Lane NewYork HotDog Dukkan Food Van La Carreta Blend and Juice Bar Donut Fresh Viking Waffles and Seabreeze Ice Cream Van We can't wait to see you all there. Littabella Ave, Wandi 6pm to 9pm
  • We welcome back Jumplings tasty dumplings serving a variety of fried dumplings with noodles and La Carreta with their mouth watering tacos, nachos, empanadas and more! Tomorrow night from 6-9pm.
  • All we can say right now is YUM!!! Get Chips or Die Frying are joining us for the first time this Friday 16th Feb, 6-9pm with their loaded fries with attitude. We will let the pics do the talking 🀀
  • Regular local resident Shak Shuka - Moroccan Experience is with us once again this month. His food is to die for and the choice is endless chickpeas, cous cous, chicken, harissa dip plus more all made from locally sourced produce.
  • Curry & A Quarter Loaf are regulars with us and if you haven't tries them yet, they are a must! Curry, rice, roti, bunny chow and to top it off amazing coffee and of course its all served with their amazing smiles πŸ²β˜•πŸ˜‹
  • We love to offer you new food each month so another newbie for us is the Dukkan Food Van, they are excited to be serving you kebabs and burgers this Friday the 16th Feb from 6pm to 9pm πŸŒ―πŸ”
  • It's going to be a hot one this Friday the 16th of Feb so why stop by and see Jemima at the Blend and Juice Bar and have a beautiful freshly made juice or smoothie to quench your thirst πŸ₯€
  • The Fire Truck Pizzeria are back so if you missed out last month make sure you get in early this week πŸ•
  • New to us this month is NewYork HotDog, gourmet or plain, the choice is yours 🌭
  • We are excited to say that Pudding Lane will be joining us again this Friday the 16th of Feb from 6pm to 9pm so make sure you get your pommy fix wit Ali πŸ˜ƒ
  • Well its that time again, its Hawkers at Honeywood week, woohoo. We have you sweets sorted for you this Friday night the 16th of Feb with, Donut Fresh, Viking Waffles and new to us is the Seabreeze Ice Cream Van, decisions decisions πŸ˜‹ 🍦🍩
  • We are so excited that you have all enjoyed our series of Hawkers at Honeywood so far that we have decided to extend our dates so you can continue to enjoy the amazing food trucks we have on offer. If there is a particular food truck you would like to see then tag them in below and we will see what we can do 😊 Our extra dates are: 16th of March 20th of April and 18th of May
  • Another great night. We love the community support and the atmosphere. It makes us love our job even more ❀️
  • β˜€οΈIt's going to be a great night with beautiful weather, fantastic entertainment and food trucks to satisfy all. 🏎️🎢We are lucky enough to have DJ Sash with us again tonight as well as Ultimate Slotracer to keep us all amused. πŸš›πŸ΄To sum up the food trucks for you, we have: Meast - Middle Eastern Street Food The Habibs Satay kings Curry & A Quarter Loaf serving coffee and other hot drinks also Shak Shuka - Moroccan Experience Jumplings tasty dumplings The Spunky Spud The Fire Truck Pizzeria Blend and Juice Bar Donut Fresh The Sweet Box Cart Viking Waffles πŸšΆβ€β™€οΈπŸšΆβ€β™‚οΈDon't forget to walk if you live close by and also bring along a picnic rug to sit back and relax in the park across road. πŸ’΅ Some vendors have eftpos but please remember some cash just in case and to avoid dissapointment. What better way is there to spend a Friday night? Bring your family and friends, no cooking and no dishes πŸ‘ See you there, Littabella Ave, Wandi 6-9pm
  • We have dessert covered for you tomorrow night from 6-9pm with Donut Fresh selling their to die for donuts and new to us this month is The Sweet Box Cart with macaroons and homemade popsicles 🍩
  • Don't forget Curry & A Quarter Loaf will be joining us again this month with their curries, hot chips plus their delicious coffee and other hot drinks β˜•
  • Jumplings tasty dumplings are joining us also for the first time tomorrow night. Make sure you stop by for some tasty japanese style pan fried dumplings. We are open 6-9pm πŸ₯’
  • We are pleased to have The Spunky Spud with us for the first this Friday night 6-9pm. They have loaded spuds and nachos to drool over!
  • Satay kings will be firing up their grills with us this friday night, what will you choose, chicken or beef?
  • We welcome another new vendor this month. Get your italian street food fix with The Fire Truck Pizzeria serving you fresh authentic italian wood fired pizza, yum!! πŸ•
  • Shak Shuka - Moroccan Experience is back with us this Friday the 19th Jan. Get your moroccan fix of chorizo, harissa dip, cous cous, chickpeas, the list goes on 🍽️
  • It's going to be a hot one of Friday so go see Jemima at Blend & Juice Bar for your freshly made juice or smoothie. Make your own or choose from her menu πŸ₯€
  • Will there be many gluten free vendors please?
  • Introducing The Habibs authentic Lebanese grill to our Hawkers at Honeywood this Friday 19th of Jan 6-9pm. Offering falafel, kafta, traditional hummus and more 🌯