19. February 2020 - 9:00 till 12:00
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Identifying Difference as Opportunities | PD Training | Wednesday, 19. February 2020

This insightful half day workshop unpacks what people are good at – what are their strengths and why playing to those strengths makes a real difference in how people and their organisations perform. The course also recognises that human beings are not perfect and provides strategies for discovering areas for improvement and developing ways to improve.
In addition to becoming more self-aware, participants will also learn to spot and encourage the strength development in others leading to better engagement, improved well-being, reduced stress and greater life satisfaction overall.
Research has proven that the simple act of expressing gratitude is a powerful means of making employees feel valued. The course will give participants an understanding of how to create a culture of gratitude and how as individuals they can cultivate their own personal habit of gratitude.
Organisations exist to serve others. The course gives participants a simple and effective tool to ‘get into the shoes’ of their customers to understand what they are thinking and feeling in their customer journey.
Learning Outcomes

Engage and Develop People
Outcome Orientation
Value Diversity
Deliver Results
Increased Collaboration
Solve Problems
Engagement and performance
Influence and Negotiation
Communicate Effectively

Course Outline

Identifying Difference as Opportunities - Lesson 1The strength of diversity and the diversity of strengths

Recognising your Strengths and Preferences
Your Leading Dimensions Profile (LDP)

Identifying Difference as Opportunities - Lesson 2Strengths based on management

Spotting the Strengths in Others
Developing Strengths
Dealing with Weaknesses

Identifying Difference as Opportunities - Lesson 3The power of gratitude

What the Research Says
Creating a Culture of Gratitude
Cultivating your own Personal Habit of Gratitude

Identifying Difference as Opportunities - Lesson 4Customer stories

What We Exchange with Customers
Developing Strengths
A lesson from the Bard