11. September 2017 - 18:00
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Intro to Scotland Whisky Masterclass | Helvetica Bar | Monday, 11. September 2017

Welcome to our monthly masterclass.

Intro to Scotland is a beginner’s introduction to the wonderful world of whisky.

Explore the basics of production with an overview of the history and styles of the main whisky regions in Scotland along with our tips on how best to appreciate while tasting and drinking.

Each session consists of four tastings and light snacks.
  • will there be any vegan friendly nibbles available by any chance? cheers
  • Will these monthly classes be running in September? I’ve got some whisky loving family members visiting then who’d be keen to do a class like this 🥃
  • 13th Simon Gobby? Bruce Walker??
  • Slad Jana Jana tickets are only 25 😱 keen??
  • Brilliant night last night. Great selection (even if a bit peaty for beginners) Will the October event be showing 4 different whiskies?
  • What are the whisky that will be presented that night ? Thanks 🙂
  • David Dimov