25. September 2019 - 8:30 till 15:30
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Manage Stress, Build Resilience Training Perth | ATI-Mirage | Wednesday, 25. September 2019

Stress is a natural part of life but being stressed shouldn’t have to be. When you accept this concept and learn not to get weighed down or overwhelmed by events, you are then able to approach them differently. By having resilience as a core principle, you will be able to effectively combat stress-inducing situations and invest your energy in more important matters.
As such, this Perth-based resilience training course aims to give participants simple skills to manage stress more effectively to create a healthy lifestyle balance, both personally and professionally.

Course context
Learning objectives   


What is stress? What is resilience?
Characteristics of resilient people   

Understanding the impact of stress

Recognising symptoms and impact
The part our emotions play
Diagnostic tools for detection and self-analysis
Nine environments of you
Behaviours that create stress and anxiety
Impacts of change

Manage stress and build resilience - strategies and practices

Circle of concern, circle of influence
Building resilience with your nine environments
Fine tuning your mind and moving past your stuck points
Buidling character strengths
Building resilient behaviours and growth mindset to deal with challenging people, situations and self-defeating habits
Create a greater sense of calm  

Putting it into practice

Action planning

Learning Outcomes

Identify stressors and the lifestyle elements that can be changed
Take a balanced perspective on issues
Identify the best approach
Identify ways to achieve physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance
Adopt a positive mindset through times of change
Create a plan to manage or reduce or eliminate workplace and personal stressors