14. September 2019 - 9:30 till 17:30
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Navigation Training – Level 2 (Forth Valley, Fife and Tayside) | Broxden Park+Ride (Stop C) | Saturday, 14. September 2019

Navigation 2 - Getting off the Path 
The emphasis of this course will be on learning to navigate on pathed terrain where the compass is beneficial to determine the detailed direction of a path (where multiple path options exist or where a path becomes faint). The course is intended to be a follow on course to Navigation 1 – “Map Work” or for those who already have the skills covered in that course. The course will cover: 

The parts of a compass and their use.

Grid North, Magnetic North, True North and their relevance to a navigator.

How to determine magnetic deviation on the map sheet and how to adjust for it if appropriate.

How to take a bearing along a linear feature and how to use it to walk along that feature.

Measuring distance accurately on the map and estimating distance travelled on level terrain.

Using the skills learnt on Navigation 1 and 2 to navigate accurately in pathed terrain.

Relocation in pathed terrain.

Brief explanation of the benefits and limitations of GPS Devices in pathed terrain. 

The day will be spent outside and therefore please come prepared for rough walking, but no significant climbing is planned. This is Scotland so remember even in May the weather may be wet and windy; waterproofs, gaiters and a warm layer are recomended. A packed lunch and drinks will also be needed. please bring your compass. Transport from Broxden to the walk iwill be provided by the tutor.
The group will meet at the Park and Ride, Broxden just outside Perth for a 09.30 departure. There are toilet facilities there, and coffe and simple food are available at the service station accessed from turning before the Park and Ride