21. July 2020 - 22:00
Tickets finden, Perth
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Online: Intercultural Diversity and Inclusion Workshop | Tuesday, 21. July 2020

Auspire – Australia Day Council WA presents an Intercultural Diversity and Inclusion workshop. Being ‘culturally aware’ means recognising that everyone has a background influencing how they interpret the world and perceive others. Being culturally aware or ‘culturally competent’ doesn’t mean being an expert on every culture or having an answer to every cultural question and issue, it simply means acknowledging that different perspectives exist as a result of everyone’s different cultural background and life experiences. Embracing this difference is the key to exploring cultural issues effectively and appropriately.

The session will assist participants to improve their intercultural skills to work with people from other cultures to maximise the power of cultural diversity. Workplaces that manage cultural diversity well can expect to receive a host of benefits including the recruitment and retaining the best talent and attract a broader range of clients and customers.

The session is facilitated by Ms Rika Asaoka, an experienced training facilitator with over 25 years of experience in roles including Japanese Language Trainer, Interpreter, Consultant and Senior Marketing Manager, Rika has acquired an in-depth knowledge and experience in working across different cultures. Rika is a certified licensee of Intercultural Readiness Check (IRC), a powerful internationally recognised tool for improving intercultural effectiveness.