06. September 2020 - 10:00 till 11:00
St Ninian's Cathedral, Perth, Perth
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Perth Saying Goodbye Service, Perth, Scotland | Sunday, 06. September 2020

Here are some questions and answers we get asked a lot about Saying Goodbye services:

Who is the service for? The services are for anyone who has lost a baby during pregnancy, at birth or in early years, whether the loss was recent or 80 years ago, or for those grieving the fact they have never been able to have a child for whatever reason.

Do I need a specific faith to attend? No, the services are for anyone of any faith or no faith.

Can other members of my family or friends attend a service? Yes - SG services are for the whole family and the wider community.

We are often asked whether it is ok for people to bring babies and children? The answer - Yes, of course, you can....SG services are for EVERYONE.

How long is a service? Around an hour.

How early should I get to a service? 30-45 mins prior is ideal.

What should I expect? A wonderful service where you honour the baby you or someone else has lost, and we publicly say all babies matter however short their lives were in the womb or post birth.

Do I need to be ready emotionally? NO! The service will meet you where you are at, thus why they are suitable for people who have lost their baby yesterday or many years ago.

As they are called Saying Goodbye services, does that mean I need to say goodbye once and for all to my baby? NO! The name saying goodbye is about saying goodbye to the darkest grief so many people carry, so in time each person can remember their baby with a smile. Grief is sadly a lifelong journey, but how we carry that grief can truly change how we live our lives. As a charity, we hope to be able to help each person carry the load and believe by honouring each baby lost and connecting with people personally we can remove feelings of isolation and desperation.

Can I attend more than one service? Of course, you are welcome at as many services as you wish to attend.

Am I welcome if I had a failed IVF attempt(s)? YES of course you are, this was a loss, and the services are for ANYONE who has lost.

Am I welcome to attend a service if I have never lost a child, but grieve the fact I cannot have children? Yes, you are very welcome.

Can I get involved with the charity? YES - we are always needing fundraisers and also people to take on other roles. At present we have around 240 team members, but we need at least 500...so if you want to join this compassionate team email us: email

How many people do you support? The website has around 650,000 hits per month, and the support the charity offers now reaches over 50,000 people per week. Saying Goodbye is the leading division of The Mariposa Trust which is a registered UK charity. In North America, Saying Goodbye is part of Mariposa International.

Where can I find more information? Head to our websites: www.sayinggoodbye.org and www.mariposatrust.org

Can I raise money for the charity in honour of my lost baby? Yes -We have a separate FB page that focuses on fundraising, so if you would like to support us and raise money in honour of your lost baby, head to that page and send us a message. https://www.facebook.com/SayingGoodbyeFundraising

Where are all the service locations and dates listed? All services are listed on the website: http://www.sayinggoodbye.org/services

Where else can I find the charity on social media?

Twitter - @sayinggoodbyeUK

Facebook - facebook.com/sayinggoodbyeUK

Pinterest - pinterest.com/zoeclarkcoates/

Instagram - ZoeAdelle

If you want a practical resource, you may like to consider purchasing one of Zoe Clark-Coates Best Selling books, which offer vital support and information. 'Saying Goodbye' - http://amzn.eu/iw546pg & 'The Baby Loss Guide' - http://smarturl.it/BabyLossGuide