12. January 2018 - 20:00
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Post Malone | Perth **SOLD OUT** | Red Hill Auditorium | Friday, 12. January 2018


This show is SOLD OUT.

After selling out his debut Perth show in minutes we’re thrilled to announce Post Malone’s Jan 12th show has been upgraded to the mighty Red Hill Auditorium with its beautiful natural amphitheatre! This is going to be a unmissable spectacle!

Due to Ticketek being unable to pass on all the current waitlist information, we have set up a new Ticketbooth waitlist, so you to sign up again right here: https://events.ticketbooth.com.au/application/postmalonewaitlist

The waitlist will be open from now until 5pm tomorrow (Tuesday 10th), then all waitlist subscribers will be sent an email from Ticketbooth to get access to tickets from 10am Wednesday 11th October, with any remaining tickets going on sale to the public 2 hours later at midday.

** All tickets sold to the original Metro City show will automatically be accepted to the new show, you do not need to do anything or buy new tickets
** There will be an allocation of 500 tickets for people who are under 18 (10% of the total capacity for the event) and they will be in a seperate unlicensed area
** All new tickets are $81 each (same as the first show) and will be sold via Ticketbooth only (do not buy from Viagogo or any other site)
** You will be able to purchase a maximum of 2 tickets per person
** The new show will run from 8pm - midnight (as this is now an outdoor event)
** If we catch anyone scalping tickets for over the original price, you will have your booking cancelled and you be banned from the show (to dob in a scalper contact us over at: hello@fomofestival.com.au) 💛💛


Recently shattering Apple Music’s single streaming record with 25 million streams in one week as well as holding the current #1 single in Australia & New Zealand for latest track “Rockstar”, is Post Malone. Due to overwhelming demand, and FOMO Brisbane selling out in a week, the widely acclaimed, alternative hip-hop wonder will play Metro City on Friday 12 January, lighting up the stage with unreleased & new material as well as songs from his platinum selling debut album Stoney.
  • Aimee Harris
  • How do you change the name on a ticket??
  • Bought 2 bus tickets for me and my misses. But both tickets have my name. Will this be an issue?
  • ** NEED A SAFE WAY TO GET TO AND FROM THE SHOW? GET THE RED HILL EXPRESS! ** In the interests of road safety and reducing our environmental impact we’ve made sure that taking the shuttle bus is easier than driving, and super affordable! Read more about how it works and the different pickup and dropoff points: redhillauditorium.com.au/getting-here/shuttles/ Ready to purchase your bus ticket? GET IT HERE: https://events.ticketbooth.com.au/event/fomo-bbe-ocd-presents-post-malone2281931
  • 80 somthing days but still excited getting in the mood 💙🎶😁
  • How do i go about doing name change on my tickets? I bought them from the first Ticketek release. Thanks
  • ** Beware of fake sellers ** There is a guy called Thomas and a girl called Lorelei trying to sell fake Post Malone Perth show tickets.. Thomas does not work for FOMO in any capacity and he’s not even smart enough to realise a photoshopped QLD Moshtix ticket receipt makes zero sense to anyone from Perth, because our tickets were sold via Ticketek and Ticketbooth. Do not support scalpers and don’t let arseholes like this steal your money.
  • Is there parking at Red Hill?
  • I bought my bus tickets for the wrong pub ! Is there any way I can change this ?
  • where do we get bus information? also map of the venue?
  • Hey I bought ticket and accidently put Alex instead of Alexandria which is the name on my id. will I have to change the name on my ticket to be able to get in?
  • Just to confirm event time it's 8:00pm to 12:00am right? The tickets say 6:30pm to 11:00pm.
  • I bought two of the first release tickets for myself and a friend but they both have my name on them? Will that be a problem?
  • Where do you go to change the name of a ticket??
  • For those who bought tickets through ticketek, do we buy bus tickets via ticketbooth?
  • Great job keeping your cool guys.. We are now completely SOLD OUT. There will not be any other tickets going on sale later as we exhausted them all via our waitlist as expected. We can't wait to you at the show! Big ups Perth, thank you! Love always, FOMO, BBE & Post Malone <3
  • I got tickets but now I want to buy shuttle tickets and it’s not letting me Pls help
  • This is how i feel right now after getting my Posty tickets CONGRATULATIONS 😂❤
  • I bought 2 bus tickets but they both have my name on it. It wouldn’t let me change the second name. How do I fix this??
  • okay so is there any way to purchase shuttle tickets now that the event is sold out or are we doomed and have to drive now
  • We've bought 2 Post Malone tickets, one for me and one for my partner, but our bus tickets have the same name and same code on them. Are the bus tickets supposed to be identical? Plz help
  • So good just kept refreshing. until I got one
  • Put my age in and bought an u18 ticket but ticket is saying I got over18? FOMO help me pleaseeee
  • which bus will take you closest to the perth station? thankyou!
  • Saucin' 🤙