11. September 2020 - 17:30 till 20:30
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PRO Ninja Warrior Competition - 11th September 2020 - Ages 11 to ***** Pros | The Simulation Centre | Friday, 11. September 2020

Age is determined on how old they are on August 1, 2019 for ALL age groups.
ie. if you were 8 on August 1, 2019 you compete in under 9's 
ie. if you were 9 on August 1, 2019 you compete in under 9's and remain in this category until 1 August 2020 
This comp night we will be running:
Pro Men
Pro Women
11 and Under Boys
11 and Under Girls
13 and Under Boys
13 and Under Girls
15 and Under Boys
15 and Under Girls
(16+ now go to ***** classes)
Amateur Men
Amateur Women
Over 40 Men
Over 40 Women
PRO-   any age, any gender
You must be 6 or older to compete in UNAA.  
All athletes for the 2019-20 Season 5 shall compete in their appropriate class.    Any athlete in the Age group classes may move up to the next age group if they so choose.   Once they have moved up to that class, they must remain in that class for the duration of the year. Each course is age appropriate and if an athlete competes up – no accommodations will be made for height adjustments.
This course is UNAA (Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association) accredited!

To be a UNAA qualifier you must also be a member of https://www.ultimateninja.net/join/

Ninja Warrior Challenge
11th September 2020
Brisbane Qualifier
Please ensure that you have read all the information and that the competitor clearly understand the rules.
Competitor Arrival no later than 5.30pm:
Please be here and checked in prior to 5.30pm.  This will also help us to ensure that we are running on time for the day.
Please ensure you bring drink bottle and hand towel.  Sneakers is a requirement for the run.
Please note there is no play on the equipment prior to your run.  Please wait in the cafe area until called into the spectator area.
Length of course will be up to 10 obstacles including warped walls (two wall heights for age groups). Course has a time limit of 3:00 minutes for completion, for all ages.
Upon completion of the course, athlete must immediately depart course area in preparation for next athlete.One person may be allowed on the sideline of the competitor while they are running the course, but in no way assisting the competitor or risk disqualification.Competitors may not warm-up on the course on competition day, nor touch the course in any way or can risk disqualification.
New Rules apply - please read rules carefully - https://www.ultimateninja.net/about/rules/
Participants must sign up online for the $25 (US Dollars) UNAA membership. They may also sign up at the event if the Area Qualifying gym has internet access.
·                    https://www.ultimateninja.net/joinunaa
·                    Participants may go to as many Area Qualifiers as they choose, as well as attending any Regional they wish. Once qualified, you may still compete, but your time will not bump another participant.
·                    All participating athletes must bring their receipts to the competition to verify membership to the UNAA. The UNAA membership list will be updated online each week.
·                    Participants must be UNAA members prior to their Area Qualifier, or they cannot qualify to move on.
·                    You must be 6 or older to compete in UNAA.  Age is determined on how old they are on August 1, 2019 for ALL age groups.
                     Athletes may compete in more than one class.   Example:  40+ may compete in Pro or Amateur also, but must PAY for two classes, but only run the course once, using that score for both.    Any youth Age group may also compete in an Amateur or Pro Class but must PAY for two classes and IF the course is different for their age group, will run both courses.
                     Any ***** (15 or older) may compete in Pro Class or Amateur class but MUST compete in PRO if athlete in the last THREE years has been to Las Vegas on ANW, been in the Top 10 Pro class at UNAA Finals, NNL Finals, Rockford Ninja Finals or WolfPack Ninja Tour Finals. If you meet any ONE of these requirements you are considered PRO.
·                    Amateur to Pro – If you were an Amateur in UNAA and made Top 5 at the UNAA World Finals, you must now compete as a PRO.
 ·                    If any qualified PRO athlete violates these rules and is “competing down” into the Amateur classes, they will be disqualified from the competition and required to forfeit all earnings.
You may wish to download the Ninja Master APP:  This will allow you to keep up with LIVE scores on the day.  Delivering live results right into your hands.  Note:  Subscription cost.
 Competitors:  Please visit the following website to sign waiver:  If you have signed a waiver in the last 24 months you are not required to do so again.
UNAA membership is required to qualify through to the Australian Ninja Games.
UNAA is the Official Ninja league of USAOCR and World OCR /FISO which are the governing bodies for obstacle sports for meeting the requirements for the Olympics.
Justine Mamootil
Email: info@thesimulationcentre.com.au