20. January 2017 - 17:30
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Topographs | The Blue Room Theatre | Friday, 20. January 2017

The Blue Room Theatre Summer Nights and Michelle Aitken & Anneliese Kirk present



20 Jan 5.30pm / 21 Jan 4.30pm & 6.30pm / 22 Jan 6.30pm
The Blue Room Theatre

Topographs is a double bill presented by dance makers Anneliese Kirk and Michelle Aitken. Dance, text and music are fused in two curious explorations of interiority.

fuite pt. deux is an exploration in contact with the real, inspired by the philosophical concept of the rhizome. Together, four artists navigate intimate space with an explorative sense of being. They construct and deconstruct intersecting lines of flight and the perceptions they have of themselves, each other and the audience.

In Milk, Moonlight, two dancers delve into their experiences of modern womanhood. What is it to be seen as a siren or sphinx? How are our bodies tamed and regulated? What catcalls have we not already heard? This is a physical affirmation of our right to be, and to do the looking back.

Our Team
Choreographers: Anneliese Kirk & Michelle Aitken
Performers: Michelle Aitken, Audrey Blyde, Sarah Chaffey, Scott Galbraith, Shae Larsen, Zal Kanga-Parabia
Lighting Designer: Rhiannon Petersen
Sound Designers: Zal Kanga-Parabia, Rebecca Riggs-Bennett
Stage Manager: Danae Crawford

20 Jan 5.30pm/ 21 Jan 4.30pm & 6.30pm/ 22 Jan 6.30pm
The Blue Room Theatre
Fringe Central at the Perth Cultural Centre,

Tickets $22 plus booking fee
More info:
  • Hello to Michelle! Co-producer of Topographs, and co-creator-and-performer of Milk, Moonlight Michelle is a long-torsoed chaos muppet of a woman. Her Wutang name is Wicked Desperado. She loves thinking about and watching and talking about and making art, and also loves science, videos, late night activities, and bread. Her 2016 book of the year is **** Deus by Yuval Noah Harari. Michelle is curious about how embodied experience can be shared through performance. This is kind of her first show! can you believe it? She would love to sip juice with you at the bar after the show. Her dream is to tell stories that move people in their seats. Her other dream is to master the pottery wheel so she never has to buy a plate again.
  • Ooh. Today we were cooking up some video goodness feat Sarah Chaffey for Milk, Moonlight! Keep your eye out for some more peeks at our final weeks of rehearsal before the show. Thanks to Marshall Stay for filming. While you're buying tickets to Topographs, why not check out his show The Raver, at the Vic Park Hotel 30th Jan to 1st Feb ;)
  • Sweet flyers with our faces by Aimee Chappell Studio. Look out for these as we count down to Fringe. 18 days to go!
  • Our posters, designed by the glorious Aimee Chappell Studio, have been let out onto the town. Let us know if you spot one!