01. October 2019 - 7:00
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WA | October Membership Registration | FACCI - WA Chapter | Tuesday, 01. October 2019

Patron / $7,900 (exc. GST ) + Fee
For larger corporations already operating in both France and Australia, and for companies that wish to broaden their trade relations between our two countries. These companies have a strong presence in the French-Australian business community and join to reinforce existing contacts with upper levels of industry and government, or to forge new and wider relationships.These members can actively promote their activities through our publications and sponsorship opportunities. Membership benefits are available to all employees.

Corporate / $2,500 (exc. GST) + Fee
For medium and large companies that are interested in the Chamber’s events in order to network with other members and expand their contacts in the French-Australian business community. These members benefit from our range of business services, seminars and social activities, and also from the Chamber’s contacts in the two countries when undertaking specific projects. These members canactively promote their activities through our publications and sponsorship opportunities.

Small Business / $740(exc. GST) + Fee - Start Up / $370 (exc. GST) + Fee
This membership is aimed at small businesses to benefit from our range of networking opportunities. These members have access to our specific business expertise via our workshop and seminar series.

Wine & Dine / $360 (exc. GST) + Fee
FACCI’s ‘Wine & Dine’ Membership is specifically designed to benefit restaurants, bistros and cafés by providing them with access to the Chamber’s diverse range of advertising and promotional opportunities, and providing them with opportunity to host FACCI Wine & Dine events. Membership benefits are available to all employees.

Individual Membership / $286 (inc. GST) + Fee
For those individuals who have an interest in gaining or maintaining contact with the French-Australian business community, and in developing their business and social networks.

Young Professionals Membership / $150 (inc. GST) + Fee (NB: 30 years of age or under only)
For young entrepreneurs, employees, researchers and students who wish to gain access to a mix of affordable and enjoyable business and social events, and develop their professional contacts. Welcome to a platform dedicated to the younger (under 30) members of the French-Australian community!