29. September 2019 - 10:00 till 13:30
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AWAKEN THE HEALER WITHIN AND LET YOUR TRUE SELF SHINE!! | Carpe Diem | Sunday, 29. September 2019

Do you want to feel more energised and radiant!!
Do you want to feel empowered and Alive!!
Are you ready to embrace a life of Happiness, Abundance and Joy!!
If you answered yes!!
Join Carolyn and Sahori for an empowering afternoon discovering the incredible power we all hold within us.
What you will discover from this workshop....

Easy techniques to release resistance

Rise Above Your Limiting Beliefs and Be FREE

Unblock your limiting beliefs and relieve everyday stress by using Essential Oil Aroma Freedom   Technique.

The power behind setting an intention.

The power of Essential Oils to balance BODY, MIND & SOUL

Dr Wayne Dyer wrote ...""You'll See It When You Believe It."."
This is so true..When we trust that our body has the capacity to heal itself. We unlock the incredible power that lies within us...
We let go of the resistance that has been holding us and allow our natural state of being of happiness, wellness and wholeness to flow.
When you allow the universal energy to flow through you, you start receiving thoughts from the universe that brings you the solution to the problem.
Close your eyes and Imagine a flowing river... See the water flowing downstream...It has a beautiful energy to it. It is free flowing and has its own rhythm ..Now see the river becoming blocked with mud and sticks. The water doesn't flow easily and in some spots the water has stopped flowing completely....The water has now become stagnant which has affected the whole river. 
This is how our body works..when we hold on to resistant thoughts we create blockages and this is when illness develops. When we release that resistance, we remove the blockages and then our energy begins flowing freely again.
 This workshop will put you on the pathway to releasing the resistance and living your life with Happiness, Abundance and Joy!!
Meet your hosts....
Carolyn Priest is trained as an Internationally Accredited Vibrational Alignment Coach and Intuitive Guide. Founder of FollowBLIS and BLIS Life Transformation and now published Author, Carolyn's passion will inspire and uplift you and guide you back to your natural state of being of Happiness, Wellness and Wholeness. She has always felt a true calling to inspire others to trust the incredible power they hold and find the magic within.
Sahori Smitham....Strongly believes " Healing is inside job". She transforms from depression to empowerment, eczema pain-body to great health. She is a founder of Joyful wellbeing with Sahori that empowering lots of women to create wellness purpose abundance in their life.
Register now at the link below and enjoy an afternoon with Carolyn and Sahori and Let your Self SHINE !!
Bonus door prizes
Light Nibbles available.
Can't wait to see you there !