22. September 2019 - 10:00 till 16:00
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Step Into Your Power - 1 Day Workshop | Carpe Diem with Remi | Sunday, 22. September 2019

All too many of us have no idea why we do the things that we do.
At times we strive for more in life, yet can never seem to get what we really desire.
You are running off an internal program. Your behaviours, habits, thoughts are 95% subconscious.
Wouldn't it be nice to understand where your internal programming has stemmed from?
And know that you can change it to then match what you are really wanting in life.
In this Workshop you will become aware of what your thought patterns are, to then work out if they are serving you or not. If not, then where the thoughts have first came from and what you can then replace them with going forward, all while moving forward with a clear vision of exactly where you are headed. 
In This Workshop You Will Learn:

How to create balance in all areas of your life - Health/Fitness, Finance, Career/Business, Home Environment, Relationship Partner/Yourself, Family & Friends, Fun/Leisure, Self-Care/Personal Growth
Cause and Effect - How one thing in life causes another
What personality role are you playing in life and will it serve you in the long run?
Being stuck in your story. What story are you telling yourself and how to write a new story
Perception is Projection - Seeing things in other people that you are subconsciously projecting
Why certain people press your buttons? And how to stop it from occurring
Self-Sabotage - signs that you are holding yourself back from what you really want
The power of auto-suggestion. How your words could be preventing you from getting what you want in life
To become mindful of what you are filling your circle in life with and how to make room for the new 
Why, not living up to your highest value is one of the causes of unhappiness
Goal Setting - What is the importance of goal setting and how to make your goals achievable


What Others Had To Say:
"It was an eye opener, especially with the worksheets and having to write things down. Life looks different on paper." "I enjoyed everything about it, mostly the self-discovery and this actually works." "To work more and concentrate on myself. If I am happy so is everyone and everything around me." "I personally found it enlightening, informative and helpful in understanding myself and highlighting the things I need to address and change about myself to become the person I know I am and can be." "It was enlightening and easy to follow and understand." "A better understanding of how I work, both positive and negative and how to use it to achieve my goals." "For me personally I saw immediate results and was stepping into my own power, in ways I could not imagine. My resignation was typed out in anticipation and I had already secured new employment without any fear of the outcomes. Every day I find new things to be grateful for and cannot thank Kerri enough for the immediate results. It's so nice to experience HAPPY every day. When I now say "Living the dream, every single day" I mean it. Thank you Kerri."