19. December 2017 - 20:00 till 23:00
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Evanescence | Portland, Oregon | Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall | Tuesday, 19. December 2017

Evanescence Announce Orchestral New LP 'Synthesis,' Fall Tour!

Evanescence will reimagine some of their best-known songs with a full orchestra on the band's upcoming new album Synthesis, due out this fall. The album is Evanescence's first since their 2011 self-titled LP.
Lee and a full orchestra will bring the reworked versions on the road this fall on the Synthesis Live tour, which kicks off October 14th in Las Vegas. This is not the official facebook event.

  • I love their music but I'm gonna have to sit this one out. Wish they were still doing smaller venues but I'm sure they will fill Arlene ********* up. Until next time, I got plenty of their music to hold me over. Amy Lee is one of the great vocalists out there today within the overall genre.
  • Is anyone else playing or just them?
  • Ugh who can afford that!
  • What is this?! If you live over 90 miles away your tickets won't be mailed to you?! Are you kidding me?! What if we drive all the way down there and their not there?!
  • Chanel Lynn are we going?
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  • Sara Rodriguez let's go
  • $122/ticket?! Ouch!
  • Benjamin Cade and Courtney Richards and Miranda Nicole Glover. Reunion.
  • Felix
  • Lamiah Blackmore
  • Becky Loveday why do I want to go to this??
  • Amanda
  • If you're finding crazy expensive tickets it's not a legitimate site. I got mine from Ticket Master. $63 is the cheapest seats (fees included). Can't wait!!!!!
  • Ridiculously expensive tickets
  • our next concert????
  • Where is the official event?
  • Tix too pricey 😔
  • Missy Bade
  • Tickets at those prices? No ******* way
  • It would be nice if closer seats were more affordable concerts are way to expensive ugg
  • Shawnee Sutton
  • Wes Bradshaw
  • I wish I lived closer 😭😭
  • Anybody I Know Going? I Already Got Tickets.