17. December 2017 - 19:00 till 22:00
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Impractical Jokers "Santiago Sent Us" Tour live in Portland, OR | Veterans Memorial Coliseum | Sunday, 17. December 2017

  • I love these guys. I wish I had Money to see them. If anyone is interested in my company and wldnt mind bringing me along. Lol ... But I'd like That!
  • Can't wait to go! Front row tickets!
  • Selling two tickets to the dec. 17th show in Portland at the vets memorial coliseum
  • Ticketmaster won't let me upgrade and I am stuck with bad seats 😣. Try not get your tickets through Ticketmaster!
  • Jerry Doyle
  • Benny Lopez let’s go 😍😍
  • Would love to be able to take my husband to this more than anything we watch almost every episode of you guys all the time you guys are amazing thanks for being there
  • Andy Price & Lexi Price
  • Andy J Bischoff
  • Aaron Bean!
  • Who wants to go with me ?
  • Looking for 2 tickets..
  • Darryl Gillette Jr. have you ever watched these guys?
  • Jonathan White
  • Stanley Salsbury Jr. babe we have to!
  • Brandon Stalker
  • Richard Cascio
  • Grace Stone
  • Austin Reaves
  • I am wanting one or 2 people who would be willing to go with. I will pay for the tickets no problem. And if you aren't interested just let me know and I understand. Anna Nelson Crystal Wilkerson Julia Kinzler Leiann Miller Sarah Jean or Shannon Ginocchio.
  • Do you think it would be frowned on if my 7 year old goes? He loves the show!
  • Gary Schnell
  • Alvin take me?
  • Robby Bowman Jr.
  • John Blazer Jacobo