24. November 2017 - 14:45
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The Polar Express | Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad Co. & Museum | Friday, 24. November 2017

The magical journey to the North Pole departs from Portland on 17 dates this season at several different times.
  • My family and 6 year old were extremely disappointed with it. My child's eyes watered up with disappointment. The actor's were good though. Unfortunately we would never do it again but the money went to a good cause.
  • Rebecca Wickman
  • Well this looks like a lot of fun.. T he polar express. How do you get hold of the tickets you all.
  • Aunt Peggy Doughty-Thomas, Amy B Damboise, Lacie Theriault Velasquez, I really want to do this...let's try and figure out a date&time....and go!!!!❤
  • Geez guess I won't make that. Timing is off. Have fun
  • BA
  • How long is the train ride?
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  • First of all they’re all sold out. Second of all I cannot find any info about prices but that’s beside the point. Too bad it only goes till December 2.
  • Brandon Grant Logan would love this!!! 😍
  • Heather Smith is it this?
  • Joan Behrends
  • See, yay,
  • I never heard of this and thought it would be amazing for my kids and went to buy tix the only day I could and only one left so bummed does anyone know of anything similar around I could do on the 23 or 24th? I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer not sure if I will get another Christmas and my children are 7 and 8 and I have an autistic child whom is 24 thanks for any information
  • Swan Sinclair *** I kinda wanna take haze on her birthday how much is a ticket ?
  • I got my tickets the girls nor I can’t wait!! Excited!!!!
  • The price is a bit steep when you are buying for 3 kids plus yourself.
  • How long is the ride?
  • Kristina Putnam your girls would like this I think.
  • Wyatt Smith we should take the girls to it 😍🎅⛄❄
  • I bought tickets and it says “the ocean gateway” on porttix but this says a different address...confused as to where exactly I go for this on that day??? Lol
  • Would love to do this, but dropping $120.00 for 4 ppl.... cheaper solution?
  • Jay Verrier there are 17 different dates including a Wednesday.
  • Matt Dudley Sara Smith
  • Does it leave out of Rockland does anyone know and what day an time and when do you get back to Rockland