29. September 2018 - 18:00 till 19:00
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Thinkful Webinar: Build Your Own Website with HTML/CSS | Webinar | Saturday, 29. September 2018

Join us as we teach you the fundamentals of HTML & CSS while completing a series of challenges to help you master your new skills. Together we'll work through a series of drills that will teach you the core concepts of HTML (tags, elements, and attributes) as well as the basics of CSS (selectors, properties, and values).
These drills are designed to be challenging, but manageable with the help of your fellow students, our TAs, and the instructor. We'll wrap up the night by giving you a few tips on how to continue learning. Bring a laptop, and if you don't have one we'll match you up with someone who does. You will receive the live webinar link with your email confirmation and an additional email the day of the event.