06. April 2018 - 20:00
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The Trailer Park Boys - Portland | Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall | Friday, 06. April 2018

STG Presents The Trailer Park Boys at Arlene ********* Concert Hall in Portland on April 6, 2018! Reserved Seating. All Ages / Bar with I.D. Tickets are $29.50, $39.50, and $49.50 (not including fees).

Note: Trailer Park Boys postpone upcoming tour

Due to the sudden passing of John Dunsworth, known to fans as trailer park supervisor Jim Lahey, the Trailer Park Boys have postponed their upcoming Dear Santa Claus, Go F#ck Yourself Tour.

A statement from Trailer Park Boys John Paul Tremblay, Mike Smith and Robb Wells says, β€œThe sudden passing of our dear friend John Dunsworth has affected people from all over the world, especially those of us who were closest to him. We have tried to re-work the show without him, but it has become clear that this is not going to be possible in the available time. We deeply regret having to inform our fans that the TPB Christmas tour is officially postponed until 2018. We are working on a new live show with Randy - A F#cked Up Evening With the Trailer Park Boys - for the rescheduled dates. We sincerely apologize to our fans and venues for any inconvenience this has caused."

The annual Trailer Park Boys’ Dear Santa Claus, Go F#ck Yourself Tour features Ricky, Julian, Bubbles, Randy and Mr. Lahey live on stage, bringing the show to the fans. A staple of the cast since Trailer Park Boys television series began in 2001, Dunsworth quickly became a fan favourite and travelled with the live show throughout North America and Europe.

Tickets for the originally scheduled December 1, 2017 show will be honored and refunds will be available at the point of purchase starting Monday, Nov. 20 and additional tickets will go on sale at that time.
  • Tyler Miller
  • Emily Thom this is the one i was telling you about! i guess its in April.
  • Steve Ooh
  • RIP Lahey, ya ****-bird.
  • RIP Lahey, ya ****-bird.
  • How come none of the shows online say it is cancelled? I have called where I bought the tickets from online, and it says we should probably be getting an email about the cancellation.
  • If i want a refund i just click that link above to help get me there or how does that happen?
  • So to confirm, the tickets I purchased are valid for the April show... I don't need to do anything. Just show up in April with those tickets in hand.
  • Did you see this Joy Cherry???
  • So the show has been moved to April 6th?
  • I cannot get the ticket link to work so I can buy tickets.
  • Just saw the Swearnet post about this show being moved to April 6th. Unfortunate, but understandable.
  • I'm so excited!!! I can't wait! Going for my dirty 30 celebration! Getting fucked up tonight boys!
  • Is this show still happening in Portland OR December 1st?
  • Rest in peace, Jim Lahey!!!! May you be floating with the angels in liquor filled clouds in the heavens. I'll miss u buddy.
  • Rest in peace Mr. Lahey. May the liquor be with you.
  • Super Glad I had the privilege of meeting John Dunsworth (Mr. Lahey)on his last appearance in Portland.
  • Please tell me this event is NOT cancelled due to Mr. Lahey passing away..
  • Please share
  • The last time Lahey and Randy from The Trailer Park Boys came to town shenanigans!
  • That's a Ricky from Trailer Park Boys 5 paper joint!! Will be at 6 by showtime!! ;) ;) ;)
  • James, Chris, Dara, Double date night?
  • Do not trust Portland 5's link they sold is fraudulent tix. Please double check yours. The **** abyss is real boyz...and they are swimming in it. πŸ˜”πŸ˜•πŸ˜’
  • Just so everyone knows fraudulent tickets were sold at this event. Our tickets arrived with someone else's name on them. We were basically told by Portland 5 that we are **** out of luck. It's very sad when a reputable place for the arts such as the Arlene Shnitzer is susceptible to this kind of fraud. Please make sure and check your tickets folks. This was my birthday gift from my wonderful woman and now we are just hoping we can get our money back if anything. We were told by Portland 5 that "unfortunately these things happen". They basically said there was nothing they could do and to seek help through our bank/credit company. They blamed it on us buying tickets through Facebook and could literally could give a **** less. Beware ever using this company to buy tickets as they obviously don't have the security to keep your credit information safe. We have bought pretty much all of our tickets to every show we've been to in the last 5 years through FB without any problems. Yet this company somehow chose to place the blame on us. A very horrible thing to do in my opinion. Anyways make sure to double check your tickets folks. Make sure they are real. Call if you have to. I've never felt so let down by a local establishment in my life. Another sad day for a born and raised Portlandian. Hope the best for the rest of you. I'll be sitting at home on my birthday instead of enjoying the comedy of Ricky, Julian and Bubbles. A sad day indeed. πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”
  • Jamie OH