04. December 2019 - 18:00
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EEET2019 | University of New South Wales, Randwick Campus | Wednesday, 04. December 2019

International Conference on Emerging Energy and Environmental Technologies 2019 (EEET2019): Young Academic Forum - A Joint Event Organized by UNSW and CSIRO
The Inaugural International Conference on Emerging Energy and Environmental Technologies (EEET2019): Young Academic Forum will be held  at University of New South Wales, Sydney from Wednesday, 4th to Friday, 6th December 2019.
The EEET2019 will provide an excellent platform for scientists, especially young academics and industrial engineers, to exchange and share their knowledge and ideas in the field of emerging energy and environmental technologies, as well as to interact with world-leading researchers to discuss their latest advances and breakthroughs.
It is the very first, early-to-middle career researcher (EMCR)-focused international conference, aiming to promote the best collaborative partnerships among the most productive group of scientists in Australia and across the world.
The EEET2019 will present a unique opportunity for young scientists to extend their research networks and lead cutting-edge researches to target urgent issues at all stages in the energy and environmental pipeline, i.e., from lab to start-ups and industry.
Topics in the EEET2019 included but not limited to:

Advanced energy and environmental materials
Chemical, thermal, electrochemical, and photocatalysis
Water splitting and hydrogen energy technology
Carbon/nitrogen caption, storage, reduction and separation
Supercapacitors, batteries, and fuel cells
Environmental sensing and remediation
Water treatment and desalination
Computational modelling and simulations
Defence science and technology
Renewable energy policy and governance


Abstract submission deadline:
Online registration open:
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Dr. Xunyu Lu (UNSW) - Chair
Dr. Zhaojun Han (CSIRO/UNSW) - Co-Chairs
Dr. Emma Lovell (UNSW) - Co-Chairs
Scientia Professor Rose Amal - Conference Convenor
Dr. Jian (Jeffery) Pan (UNSW) - Technical Coordinator
Dr. Mandalena Hermawan - Secretariat


Any enquiries and questions, please email conference chair: xunyu.lu@unsw.edu.au