22. September 2019 - 11:00 till 11:45
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Tim Washington - The Future of Electric Cars | Randwick Community Centre | Sunday, 22. September 2019

Imagine the convenience of ‘refuelling’ your car at home or at the shopping centre while you shop. What about the thought of never pumping petrol at a petrol station again, or how about the idea of your car recharging your home solar power generator?  Sound a little futuristic? ..yet when you talk to Tim Washington founder of JET Charge; Australia’s largest supplier, installer and manager of electric vehicle charging stations, you’d be surprised to understand that this scenario describes a not too distant future.
With a background in law and management, Tim Washington sees Australia’s transition to electric vehicles as inevitable referring to Australia as having an invaluable opportunity to adopt electric vehicles to reduce pollution, decrease greenhouse gas emissions and ease Australia’s dependence on imported fuels.
And what about flying cars and flying Ubers? Tim predicts by 2030 flying vehicles will be a real service on offer for short commuter trips from CBD’s to Airports around the world. 
If you’re interested in the future of transport in Australia, then hang onto your seats, as this conversation will take you for one enlightening ride.
This talk is part of Randwick Council’s Eco Living Expo speaker series.