22. September 2019 - 10:30 till 12:00
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Journey through the Chakras | Yoga On the Brazos | Sunday, 22. September 2019

Kundalini Yoga 8-class series on Sunday morningsA Deeper Dive into the Chakras The term “chakra” means “wheel”. Chakras are like steering wheels that steer us through life.If one wheel is out of balance, we may wobble this way or that way out of control. Chakras affect our perceptions, feelings and choices, the flow and types of thoughts we have, and much more. Opening and balancing the chakras opens up the senses, integrates them into a network that can relate to the larger source field of energy from which we came and to which we return. The exercises, pranayama, and meditations in this series focus on balancing the chakras and clearing the blocks to the free natural flowing energy through them, resulting in balancing and maximizing the functioning of the body, mind and spirit. Join us for a journey of self-discovery and inner awakening.
Each week will focus on a specific chakra and include discussion with hand-outs, yoga and meditation techniques for clearing and balancing the chakras, along with essential oils, gemstones and foods for each chakra. All classes will end with a deep relaxation session to the healing sounds of the gong and crystal bowls.
Which chakra do you need to work on?
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Class Schedule
September 8th: Intro and 1st (root) chakra - Security, survival, foundation, self-acceptance
September 15th: 2nd (sacral ) chakra - Creativity, passion... to feel, to desire, to create
September 22nd: 3rd (navel/solar plexus) chakra - Action and balance, willpower, personal power and commitment
September 29th: 4th (heart) chakra - Love, compassion, awakening to spiritual awareness,  forgiveness, service
October 6th: 5th (throat) chakra - Projective power of the word, hearing and speaking the Truth
October 13th: 6th (3rd eye) chakra - Intuition, wisdom, identity, understanding one’s purpose
October 20th: 7th (crown) chakra -  Humility, vastness, transcendence, seat of the soul
October 27th: Chakra Review and the Aura - Protection, projection, radiance