19. September 2020 - 15:30 till 18:30
New Horizon , Rocky view
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Zulu kids Airdrie 2020 | Saturday, 19. September 2020

Ages 4-7, 8-10 and 11-13yrs eligible. Distances and difficulty increases with age 2k,4k and 6k

About this Event

Kids age categories

4-7yrs 2km with 15 obstacles (some 3.5yr olds with developed motor skills qualify..conditions apply)

8-10yrs 4km with 20 obstacles

11-13yrs 6km with 20 obstacles

Free admission to watch for the public, family and friends. One parent is allowed to participate at no charge...but CANNOT help.. you can cheer, encourage, coach. Remember, this is their challenge.

Obstacles involve all things our natural body movements can handle.. no fancy rigs, just primitive contraptions..logs, sleds, monkey bars, hay bales to name a few..movements involve crawling, pushing ,pulling, flipping, throwing, jumping, climbing, swinging, and hanging for dear life.