29. July 2019 - 18:30 till 19:45
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Let’s Talk Money! Workshop | Ryde Library | Monday, 29. July 2019

Let’s Talk Money!
Achieve your financial goals faster than you thought possible!

Are you confused to where your money goes week in and week out?
Are you earning a decent wage (even above average), yet have nothing to show for it?
Do you feel you could do better with managing your money?

If you relate to the any of the above questions – Let’s Talk Money is designed for you in mind.
Why you should attend

Learn about managing your money;
Understand why traditional budgets won’t help you reach your financial goals;
Learn about what will work and lead to financial health, freedom, joy; and
Learn about mindsets & habits.

What you will get from the workshop

An understanding to what you need to do to enjoy your money;
Tips on making an immediate impact to your financial health; and
So much more information to increase your wealth, health and ultimate happiness.

Workshop dates

Monday 29 July - Let’s Talk Money! Workshop
Monday 2 September - Let’s Talk Money! Workshop
Monday 30 September - Let’s Talk Money! Workshop
Monday 4 November – special ‘Get financially ready for Christmas!’ workshop

Workshop Facilitator
All four workshops are facilitated by Amira MacCue, Founder of Your Money Habit.
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