Wonder Women Conference (Women of Power) | The UMSL Conference Center in the J.C. Penney Building at the University of Missouri-St. Louis | Saturday, 25. July 2020

Mission: To empower all women to become confident, gain a healthy lifestyle, recover from past failures, develop financial freedom and learn how to have successful relationships.
Vision: To see all women fulfill their dreams and visions with power and success.

Create women of Success
Assist Women with their goals
Guide Successful Women to stay encouraged
Recover from Past hurt and Failures
Build Confidence
Opportunity to learn how become healthy by changing eating habits, diet change (vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian etc.) Learning how to exercise, mediation, yoga, etc.
Help women gain insight on how to obtain financial freedom. (Saving goals, how to buy a house, car, etc.)

Target Audience
 Women Ages 18-up
Recovering Drug Addicts
Ex-Convicts rebuilding their future
Abused Women
Successful Women
Married Women
Single Women
Breakout Sessions

Married with Power
Single with Power
Praying with Power
Mother’s with Power
Recovering and Rebuilding with Power
Teens with Power

 Panel Discussions

Power of Success
Power of Encouragement
Power of Health

 Vendors, Free Services and More 
Powerful Speakers 
**After payment has been received you will receive an email to select which breakout session you will like to attend.****
No walk-ins sorry.