24. February 2018 - 9:00
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MiyakoCon 3 - 2018! | MiyakoCon | Saturday, 24. February 2018

Join us for MIYAKOCON 3, the SALEM, OREGON anime convention at the end of February-- now a two day event!

This year, we're back at the Red Lion Hotel Salem, where we'll bring you two FULL days of awesome anime and pop culture content. AMVs, Screenings, Main Events such as our cosplay contest, makers, artists, photography, fan panels, workshops, gaming, and an amazing local community of people who love what you love.

Pre Registration has closed! Register on-site starting at 10AM Saturday morning.

$35 for ages 14+
$15 for ages 7-13 with registered guardian.
children under 7 free with registered guardian.

SATURDAY / SUNDAY ONLY (until we sell out!)
$20 for ages 14+
$10 for ages 7-13 with registered guardian.


Check out our Website for important links and information:

  • Hey all you Sweet Improv Dance Challengers. Check your emails for the line up!
  • For the cosplay contest, do we need to bring hard copy reference photos, or are pictures on our phones sufficient?
  • Attention Lip Sync Contestants! 3rd email has been sent & has the contestant line up! Edit, and a forth email with updates line up :-)
  • How much would just a Saturday ticket be at the door?
  • 2 years ago (in 2016) Heather ran the lip sync and some contestants were rude and demanding to her. Its really hard to organize a lip sync and its all volunteer-based so she wasn't getting paid to run it. Heather did this for free out of the kindness of her heart. She is running the lip sync again this year so be nice to her and grateful. If any of the same contestants who were rude in the past have signed up this year for the lip sync or improv (which she is also running) please don't be rude to her thanks.
  • Hey guys! The official Miyakocon fan group has been created! You can ask questions, share meet ups, cosplans ect with other Miyakocon fans!
  • When are we hearing back about the Dance Improv? :D Also, did anyone get that second email for Lip Sync?
  • Come hang out with me ❤️
  • Come hang out with me ❤️
  • Disney Meetup.
  • For anyone interested, I’m hosting a Persona meetup on Saturday at 2. The meetup spot will be in the lobby and depending on the weather we may go outside for photos.
  • BAM!
  • Sunday! Dance your heart out!
  • Sunday! Dance your heart out!
  • I was just curious, are we going to get conformation emails for the lip sync sign ups or will we find out at the ***? I hope I'm not bothering anyone but Its getting close and I'm wanting to prepare :)
  • Nintendo Meetup.
  • Also if you're interested i got my mystic messenger hang out day! (Time doesn't really matter? Just as long as you want to hang out!)
  • Also if you're interested i got my mystic messenger hang out day! (Time doesn't really matter? Just as long as you want to hang out!)
  • I'll be yuno gasai for the lip sync anyone going as yuki-kun? 👀
  • https://www.facebook.com/events/250488528824414/?ti=icl Hosting a meetup for all persona fans! Hope to see some of you there!
  • What’s everyone’s lineups looking like? Saturday for me is gonna be Morgana from Persona 5 and Sunday is probably gonna be either Misa or Sasuke.
  • Anyone planning on going as Ladybug or Marinette? I'm going to be the smollest Chat Noir ever 😂
  • Where can I sign up for the lipsync contest I couldn't find the application online
  • I know the schedule hasn't been posted yet but does Miyakocon use the Guidebook app or do attendees get paper schedules upon check-in?