23. December 2017 - 20:00

Sandvig at South Liberty Bar | South Liberty Bar | Saturday, 23. December 2017

  • Hello friends we got a great party vibe and I will be bringing my A game to this one. As of now the band is a 3-Piece with a lead vocalist and backup vocalist, Electric Guitar, Electric Bass & Drummer. A timeless rock **** with Mark Sandvig on lead vocals and guitar, featuring Lil' Dave Toquero smashing on the electric bass guitar & doing backups here and there. We've been rehearsing often and focusing on this show specifically as we plan to introduce a pretty good amount of new original Sandvig songs and get this LP finished and venture on a reasonably bad *** tour soon. I hope to see a whole bunch of people at South Liberty Bar & Grill on December 23rd this year. It'll be most of us folks last chance to close a bar down celebrating with any possible holiday visitors the night before we you I'mbe should be home with the kiddos on Christmas Eve. I hope alot of plan for that and bring your friends and family along too. I'm very excited and I really wish for my friends to get excited about this too. Without an audience there's no show so I appreciate anybody that wants to show and gets involved by even merely coming by for a cocktail and hearing our sound. Either way we have fun performing our songs but **** I'll be honest here.... I want to show out a lil bit myself and I'm sure the rest of the crew is on board with that. Let's get it. Thank you, Adam Goodwin HEAVY ******* METAL kids.....👊👊👊