06. August 2019 - 18:00
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6-Week Pottery Wheel-Throwing + Basic Hand-Building Class | 6138 Geary Blvd | Tuesday, 06. August 2019

6-Week / Clay Wheel -Throwing + Basic Hand-Building - $325Tuesdays, August 1st - September 10th
6pm-9pm. + 1 extra day of your choice of FREE studio time per week = 2 days a week!
Mel Rice has now opened STUDIO CERAMICA, a community pottery studio in San Francisco's Outer Richmond District. STUDIO CERAMICA is located in the heart of SF's "Little Russia" on Geary Boulevard between 25th Ave. & 26th Ave. Learn the craft of making function pottery pieces for the home. We offer a Pottery Throwing & Basic Hand-Building Course for adults given by Mel and David. 
Learn how to throw clay on a pottery wheel just like Patrick Swayze & Demi Moore in the movie Ghost! Join a great community of great people in the 6-Week Courses listed below. This package will include 15 pounds of 4 distinct clay bodies, food-safe glazes, and firings. Three 3 hours a week of free studio time on top of the class time is also provided. Students can purchase more clay at the studio from our selection of 7 different clay bodies. All of our glazes, slips, and engobes used are made the old school way from scratch and we have a full clay recycling system in place at STUDIO CERAMICA. Basic-Hand building is taught on the first days to introduce the students to a variety of clay bodies and methods. More experienced potters can jump right on the wheel if hand-building is not desired and can flow at their own pace. Students can vise versa choose to stay on the work tables and hand-build projects. Mel and David will be giving the classes together. Each instructor has a unique style and passion for clay and spreading knowledge. Student can flow at their own pace. These classes are great for beginners or pros. Instructors will be able to help any thrower at any level. Even those who have never touched clay! All are welcome. Also, students will be able to MAKE-UP instructional classes if MISSED! Once students have taken the first 6-Week Course, membership is offered. Hope to meet soon! Please email me with any question. melriceceramica@gmail.com
SATURDAY 11am - 3pm
SUNDAY 1pm- 4pm