07. December 2017 - 18:00 till 22:00
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AFTER DARK: Glow | Exploratorium | Thursday, 07. December 2017

Excite your atoms at Glow, our annual festival of ebullient lights and subtle glows celebrating the close of the year!

Bask in the mesmerizing gleams of special installations and vibrant sculptures, take a shine to illuminating exhibits, and show your sparkle with scintillating activities.

More info:
Adults-only (18+)
  • Kyra Wells Andrew Porter Gina Jee Sophie Blum
  • I'd love to bring my exhibition to your event! I think it would be a perfect fit 🙂 I create LED, Kinetic, and Hyper Detailed Art! Please let me know who is organizing it 🙂
  • Sydney Rivers Olivia Jurkowitz
  • This looks so cool. I hope you have it again as I have class this night.
  • Souny Khatavong Nicka Douangpanya lets go to this too lol
  • Deb Knight!!!
  • Jason Ly are u going?
  • Can we please go (:
  • Ayanna Revis Sandra Torres
  • Luca Taormina
  • James Jean
  • Analieze Costadeguzman
  • How do you dress for this event?
  • Humna Naseem Momina Zoha
  • I know it says 18+ but it also says "grab your friends and a drink" so does that mean you must be 21?
  • Heidi date day??
  • Monique Andrea Paris Kelsey Gee
  • Need any djs?
  • How does one show art here?
  • Kristen Amanda uhhhhh lady date?!?!?! The lightssaaa 😍
  • Lena LooJudy Hoang ? ☺️
  • Eric remember when we went to this at the Exploratorium’s old location 😎
  • Josie Garcia 🍄 & chill?
  • Nakul Bhatnagar shall we?
  • Chelsea Yim