09. December 2017 - 9:00
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SantaCon 2017 | Union Square, San Francisco | Saturday, 09. December 2017

Happy Holidays! It's that time of year again, the best day of the year! SantaCon! Make sure you're dressed up!

Starting point after you get a good breakfast in, is noon at Union Square!

See you there 😏
  • Norma Benton.... yess
  • Fun times!!!! Let's do it!
  • Tina Ph can we go pls :3
  • Sage Perry, Mackenzie Rae Mexico, Daniel Wagstaffe, and Josh Reed???
  • Nicole Phillips 🎅 🎄
  • Devan Duarte
  • Aika-eli Kitilya
  • No...I'll be out if town but I'll be thinking of everyone!!!
  • we need to get our costumes Terenzi
  • What if you don't believe in Santa anymore?
  • Lauren ***** come back and lets go
  • Holland😈😇🥂👯
  • Kevin, Josh, Mai, Luchita, Patty, Ash, Bernadine
  • Devon Legge Katie Gavitt Colby Lowenstein Sam Koguc we out
  • Can this be rescheduled? I’m having a housewarming party the night before
  • Jessi Pfeifer Bianka Mariles Julia Cilk Cheyanne Gossman
  • Going for the first time. Any tips??
  • Kyla Page we are going!
  • Veronica Gil Isabel Nolasco Erica Bienbuena Erica Nolasco Ale Ru, Ana Maria Nolasco Zuleyma Pineda Were going to this, so get ready?? Look for costume now??
  • Kevin Rogers i cant wait
  • Last year four days after my kidney transplant these fab kids surrounded me while I thanked Santa for my Xmas gift!
  • If any of you bastards throw up near me I will *** on you. That's a promise. PS take a real cab, not an Uber or lyft. REAL San Franciscans hate Uber and Lyft!
  • Carlos Diego Nicholas Roberto
  • Betty Espinoza
  • Flor ArróInés FiezziSole PardoVale SoledadMartina De Robertis 🍻🍹🍷