09. December 2017 - 12:00
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SantaCon 2017 | Union Square, San Francisco | Saturday, 09. December 2017

There’s nothing like seeing 8,000 Santas in one place at one time!

This year we ask that all attendees bring one new, unwrapped toy that can be donated to the Toys for Tots effort by the United States Marine Corps.

All are welcome and we only ask that you wear a full Santa suit of any kind (t-shirts don’t count). Elves are always welcome. We’re always adding establishments for the pub crawl. Listed below are just a few:

Hotel Zeppelin & Rambler
545 Post St.
San Francisco CA. 94102
  • This another way to get the app for Etch. This year we're excited to announce that SantaCon SF is partnering with Etch to distribute all the participating pub locations! Download Etch from the App Store so you have easy access to all the bars and a description of their drink specials as you enjoy the pub crawl. Get Etch here: https://itunes.apple.com /us/app/etch-save-discover-pla ces/id1065298053?mt=8
  • Here’s another for the pub crawl!! We’re starting to get busy folks!!!
  • Happy to share more! Here is information regarding a few clubs that will be on the crawl. The app will be up and running in a few days and should give lots of directions, location and some real helpful info. Below is a quick rundown on the app. Very quickly, Etch is a free app that lets people save their favorite restaurants and bars and share them with friends. You can check us out in the app store here (note we're iOS only at this time). We're currently working with SantaCon NYC and Reno to feature their routes (pub locations) in our app, which will include the following: All locations can be viewed on a map or in a list view in an easy, on-the-go app A description for each location e.g. drink specials Custom branded map pin Call-to-action button on the map. For example, NYC is linking to their donation page from this button. We are NOT asking for donations, just a new, unwrapped toy for the Toys for Tots effort by the United States Marine Corps.
  • So ready!!!
  • Stelio Reindeer Antlers Xmas Headband for Christmas Santacon 2017 Red
  • And another pub for our crawl! Ho’s Bootleg Tavern 2360 Van Ness Ave San Francisco, CA 94109 +1 (415) 872-7773 Full Bar food like burgers, sliders, chicken wings, cheese fries, fried oreos with ice cream
  • This is just a gentle reminder. I’m asking that everyone please bring a new, unwrapped toy for the Toys for Tots effort by the United States Marine Corps. You have no idea how much joy your gift will bring to some child. Once again, new and unwrapped toy for a child out there!! Thank all of you!!! Santa Tom
  • 83 foot Macy’s Christmas Tree lit tonight! Over 10,000 people came out to see the lighting of the tree. Now I have an idea of what 10,000 Santas will look like!!! SantaCon is going to be amazing! Bring your friends and family to SantaCon this year. Make sure we’re all wearing Santa suits, Elven suits, Mrs. Claus costumes or something original and fantastic! I’m looking forward to getting a neutral set of judges to give us all the very Best Dressed of The crowd!! See you all at SantaCon 2017! Santa Tom
  • Is there a consolidated list of bars on the crawl yet?
  • For those of you still looking for a cheapo Santa suit... check out the Ace hardware store on Irving and 9th in the City. They’ve got the perfect “Pub Crawl” suit. It’s cheap and you won’t care if it gets trashed! Of course you won’t win the Best Dressed contest, but you’ll be in uniform!! I’m sure you can also get them at Cliffs Variety. Good luck!! Santa Tom
  • Well folks (Santas, Mrs Clauses, Elves and whatevers) there will definitely be a costume contest!! I’ve purchased all of the prizes and we’ll find a couple of good judges for them!! So come in your BEST costume! And all of you be ready to be judged! Right now all of you are in Santa’s Good List!!! Santa Tom
  • Does anyone know any good cheap hotels to stay at after Santa *** please!
  • I guess we will not be able to attend.. Have fun.
  • Here we go with another for the pub crawl: Rambler & Hotel Zeppelin 545 Post St. (415) 549-8008 simone@ramblersf.com There might be drink specials and even some entertainment, but they’ll be getting back to me in that one. One thing, it’s a hotel so if some of you want to stay there, you might be able to make a reservation!!! Santa Tom
  • Hotel booked...first time doing SantaCon in SanFran SOOO excited!!
  • This year we will be holding a “Best Dressed” contest!! Prizes for the Top Three!! So bring on your best and let everyone know that you have the Spirit of Christmas in you! Santa Tom
  • Santa doesn't pay full price: I've got us the 15% off at Party City again this year and the offer just went live! Note that the links “expire” every few days so if you want to share, please share:
  • For the 5th year in a row, SantaCon @ ***, one of the official dance parties of SantaCon 2017 at Club *** 43 6th Street San Francisco. just half a block from Market Street, just a few blocks from Union Square. No Cover. FREE Entry. Lineup of awesome DJs all day from 1pm on. Santa drink specials. Don't miss this.
  • I have something exciting to tell all of you!!! I’m working on a partnership with Lyft to make sure all of our Santas, Mrs. Clauses, Elves and whatever stay as safe as possible! They will be at the event with ambassadors passing out discount cards and other little things to you. Right now we’re working on 25% discounts on two rides for new users. When you go to the website you’ll see little Santas instead of cars for the closest vehicle. I want to reiterate, I want all of you to be SAFE. I won’t be able to make myself think of this event again if any of you get hurt or get a $10,000 ticket for DUI!!! Santa Tom
  • This is in response to a question on how to dress for the event from a potential Mrs. Claus or Elf or Mr. Claus or Candy Cane or whatever: We’ve seen everything from Dowdy Mrs. Claus to **** Mrs. Claus. We have elves, we have Santas. The idea is inclusion of all acceptable forms of Christmas characters. Now the idea is Characters, not just red and white colors. So be creative and show all of us your talents! Santa Tom
  • Wait I have to dress in SANTA gear Lavona Hamilton....maybe not then, ha!
  • Giff Huang you think you can make it down there this time ****
  • We've got yall covered for the day party! One block away from Union Square. https://www.facebook.com/events/139952626760063/?active_tab=about
  • We have yet another establishment to add to the list in the pub crawl!! Dec. 9, 1-5pm Monroe SF 473 Broadway St. Beautiful lounge that can hold up to 300 people Free admission with a Santa Suit! Entertainment by DJ Galaxy B Portion of purchase of signature cocktail to go to SFFD Toy Program!
  • Nice