26. November 2018 - 19:00 till 22:00
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From the Center to the Edges. Dorothy Sayers "The Man Born to Be King." | Kane Hall (KNE) | Monday, 26. November 2018

Rev. Earl Palmer introduces us to The Man Born to Be King, a radio drama based on the life of Jesus, produced and broadcast by the BBC during the Second World War and written by Dorothy Sayers. 
The project aroused a storm of controversy, even before it was broadcast. Objections arose to the very idea—atheists complained of Christian propaganda, while devout Christians declared that the BBC would be committing blasphemy by allowing the Christ to be impersonated by a human actor—and also to Sayers' approach to the material. Sayers, who felt that the inherent drama of the Gospel story had become muffled by familiarity and a general failure to think of its characters as real people, was determined to give the plays dramatic immediacy, featuring realistic, identifiable characters with human emotions, motivations, and speech-patterns. The decision to have the characters speak in contemporary colloquial English was, by itself, the cause of much disquiet among those more accustomed to Jesus and his followers using the polished and formal words of the King James Bible.