28. July 2061 - 21:00
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Halley's Comet Viewing | Gas Works Park | Thursday, 28. July 2061

Halley's Comet's next perihelion is coming soon in 2061!! Bring your children and your grandchildren for this once-in-our-lifetime experience. Looking forward to catching up with you all!
  • Elizabeth Emma McDermott Andrea Mcdermott will you take me
  • This Firebird will fly again!
  • Hahaha yeah I will be 86 or dead
  • I shooouuld be alive still.
  • That's a little further ahead than I usually plan.
  • This will be a nice way to spend my 78th summer.
  • I’ll only be turning 81 that day. Let’s party 🎉
  • 2061? Um, k.
  • Looking forward to this!
  • Lol, most of us will be dead
  • Ooh. Awkward. Already have plans. #cultsgottacult
  • Ill be 80 but, eff yess!
  • I'll be 83 and totally there
  • Maya Seibold. This is your birthday. Let's go!
  • Dammit, I have plans that night.
  • That's a really busy year for me, but I'll try to make it!
  • I'll be 100, but I'll be there.
  • Looking forward....
  • Are they taking reservations?
  • I'm gonna go early to get a good seat!
  • I'll go for my 121st birthday!
  • Interested...I’m not good with plans or commitment... We shall see if I even make it to 79...
  • This will be my 82nd birthday. Hope I make it.
  • I hope it doesn't hit the Earth
  • I remember **** Bop that was really cool