16. December 2017 - 8:00 till 22:45
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The Leavenworth Snow Train | Seattle and Leavenworth Wa | Saturday, 16. December 2017

Join a Holiday Tradition - The Leavenworth Snow Train to the Town Treelighting Festival - only 3 departures and space is filling fast. BOOK NOW and SHARE with your friends! www.leavenworthsnowtrain.net
  • Would be nice to do
  • Nikkai Herndon Angela Hawk Isela Zavala James Jaro De Vera what do u guys think?
  • That's a lot of money!!!!
  • Lonna Kassner
  • Av En
  • Adam Kulhawik, Juanita Beaulieu, Jeff Beaulieu. What if we do this instead this year. Breakfast and dinner provided and we have a day in Leavenworth and come home.
  • Jeanna Mariie
  • Jeffrey Lee
  • I would love to do that!
  • Lindsay Hebrard Dolbey Alexandra we could have taken the train!!!
  • Katelyn, Lindsay, Evan..
  • Shelby Seay
  • Lol those prices r like going to Vegas crazy high
  • Joe Carlson this is what I wanna go on!
  • Tahania Peratrovich-Grant Bryce Brozovich Taylor Littlefield
  • Alysha Richardson
  • Jose Galvez
  • Mikaila Buday! We have to do this!
  • Bridgette Pachel Hutchens.
  • Leo Solano
  • Brian Garcia
  • Timmy Holland
  • Jessica N Long is this of interest?
  • If you guys do this, let me know. You can stay with me in Wenatchee, only 30 minutes away. We can figure out transportation to and fro. It would be great to host you!
  • Kristin we should go this year!