16. May 2020 - 9:00 till 13:30
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The Ultimate Health mindset re-patterning Seminar. | Home Office/seminar room. | Saturday, 16. May 2020

Health is such an important topic.  Join with former Australian Karate Champion Joshua Roy as he discusses helath and wellbeing. In this live seminar we will start by getting leverage, and unerstand your purpose behind getting great health. You will ask yourself the question Why?Why do you want phenomenal health?Why do you make changes to your mindset, your eating habits, and your level of action, or inaction?We will consider exercise, choice and quantity of food, training routines that you can use to get the fastest results. This information is backed by personal experience, the experience of others and the scientific community.Let’s **** it, we all know that we need adequate rest, good nutrition, sunlight and enough water.Yet, how many of us do it? How many of us sabotage our efforts?In this seminar we will spend half of the time actually making changes through the tools of neurological repatterning. Some of these tools come from NLP, and others come from advanced courses that can be found around the earth. These tools will cause the unconscious mind to enter the state of neural plasticity. The mind become malleable and change becomes easy.The seminar will consist of...A process wherby you will develop a big enough why to make better healt choices.You will establish a new self image.You will use the forces of pain and pleasure to create immediate, pervasive and permanent change to the self image.You will consider your current health values, and go through the process of values restructuring together.We both know that for things to change for you, you have got to change. For things to improve, you have got to improve.This seminar is hands on. The emphasis is on creating real change and real results.With neurological re-patterning you will get big results in the shortest possible time.The value of this seminar is such that it includes 2 follow up group coaching sessions via zoom.All together we have packed more than $400 worth of value into this tight program that involves a workbook and 2 follow up sessions.Sign up now and we look forward to seeing you at the event.