22. February 2020 - 9:00 till 12:30
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Management Rights Australia Seminar: Brisbane 22 February 2020 | Riverside Hotel Southbank | Saturday, 22. February 2020

Many potential owners are investing their life savings (years of blood, sweat and tears) into purchasing Management Rights businesses; the investment of three hours in one of our seminars could be the best investment you will make in protecting and increasing your assets. 
Whilst management rights can be a little daunting to the newcomer our team of professionals pride themselves in delivering easy to understand layman term information on the industry.
Join one of our seminars today and let us help guide you through the Management Rights maze. Our seminars will not only give you the tools to move forward confidently they also offer you the professional team of accountants, lawyers and financiers, to help guide you in the right direction. Bookings are essential.
Our seminars are information only, not a sales seminar. They are hosted by a selection of experts with 30 plus years of experience in Management Rights.
The different speakers will give you an expansive picture of how the industry works, why it is a secure and lucrative business and how to avoid the many pitfalls surrounding a Management Rights purchase.
We offer you five different perspectives on Management Rights, giving you an overall picture of the industry:

Solicitor’s Perspective

Accountant’s Perspective

Financier’s Perspective

Real Estate Perspective

Auditing and Licencing Perspective

Things to note:
These seminars are not child friendly.
8.30am arrival for 9am Sharp start.