30. November 2019 - 10:00 till 16:00
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Shamanic Journey | Qi Crystals | Saturday, 30. November 2019

In the Western World there's a Spiritual Awakening quietly taking place and right at its heart lies the discovery of the programming within us. The Ancient Traditions and Practices of Spirit.

In this workshop you will explore the expanded state of conscious awareness through Shamanic journeying. Assisting you to have a direct, transpersonal connection with the sacred realms.         

Learn the ancient method of Shamanic Traditions and journey to the Spirit and Nature worlds. 

Explore your Sacred Garden and its symbolism.  Your energy responds to what is in your garden - add or delete things at will.

Journey to connect with  -  your Power Animal                                                                                   -  Compassionate Helping Spirit                                                                   -  a Wise & Loving Ancestor                                                                         -  a Shaman Ancestor of Ancient Traditions

These connections provide you with Power, Protection & Support. 

Learn Sacred Ceremonies and Rituals that you can incorporate in everyday life.

Fundamentals for staying grounded and protected. 

Two souls of unity. Bringing your Masculine & Feminine in to harmony. 

How to identify and communicate with your guides and spirit helpers and maintain a strong lasting connection.

Build up power with the use of Rattles and Drums.

Connect with the "Seed of Light" that sits in your Heart.

Learn about the Lower, Middle and Upper worlds.

Step on the path to become the Spiritual Warrior you are meant to be

You will also receive an Mp3 of Drumming music on USB for your own journeying 

Through Shamanic journeying you are able to engage in the ancient time-tested methods for expanding consciusness.
This is a experiential workshop giving you the tools and knowledge to help you connect/reconnect with your Spirit helpers.
Everyone has their own team of loving compassionate helping spirits who sit on the fringe of the physical and spiritual world waiting to provide you with power, protection and support. Your spiritual team loves you unconditionally and connecting with them  is often described as an overwhelming feeling of love, safety and wellbeing. 
In this workshop you will learn the classic method of shamanic journey work.
Utilizing the way of the shaman, we connect with the inner levels of reality, awareness and experience to find our spirit helpers and teachers, those inner sources who are intimately connected with our life purpose, and who provide us with power, protection, knowledge and support.