05. February 2018 - 10:00 till 15:00
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Salon Owners Mastermind Summit, Melbourne 2018 | Smart Artz Gallery | Monday, 05. February 2018

Be inspired, motivated, educated and leave with a blueprint for success.

This event is not to be missed! Jay Chapman (The ZING Project) Will take you on a 'deep dive' into the 6 areas of business that you have to master to grow and thrive.

This is a "doing" event where you will be undertaking planing, setting goals and mapping out your best year yet.

"I was tired of leaving seminars feeling revved up and ready to go, only to find it difficult to know what my first step should be" - Jay

Join us for a jam packed day full of AMA-ZING content, industry leaders that will inspire you and of course.. yummy food!
  • MORE ABOUT THE SPEAKERS: ZING founder and kick-**** coach, Lisa Conway leads a team of coaches helping salon owners transform their business. With 30-plus years as hairdresser and salon owner, hundreds of satisfied coaching clients, dozens of speaking engagements and three books completed, she’s giving the hair and beauty industry quite a shake-up. People are standing up and taking notice, and she’s only just begun. Lisa is known for her direct, no-nonsense approach, for getting real and challenging people to step-up and take control. She’s worked the salon floor, led her own teams and made her own mistakes. But having known the benefits of business coaching first-hand, she now answers the call share her knowhow and experience. “Cartwheels through the salon – that’s how I want my clients to feel about their business and their life. I created ZING to close the gap between what salon owners deliver and what their clients want. Because that’s where the magic happens, where you can create a superb team, a booming business and the lifestyle you deserve.”
  • MORE ABOUT OUR SPEAKERS: Jay Chapman-Zing Jay is a senior coach at ZING. When Lisa (ZING’s founder) started coaching Jay in his own salon 8 years ago, his thinking made an epic shift. He took it to the next level, trusted day-to-day salon management to his team and stepped away to pursue life goals like starting a family and becoming a ZING Salon Coach. He’s now been exclusively coaching for ZING for just on 6 years. Jay now writes for 5 industry publications, hosts live and online events, and collaborates with industry leaders to share his message with Hair and Beauty professionals from all over Australia and NZ. As well being a trained ZING coach, Jay has completed his studies in timeline therapy and is also a NLP practitioner and coach. This allows him to work with his clients and team in regards to emotional intelligence, confidence, motivation and a effective positive communication. "It’s incredibly rewarding showing my clients what’s possible and for them to reach the potential that they know they can. I’ve been in their shoes. I know what it’s like to own a salon and struggle to motivate a team, achieve balance and make the money you deserve." "I am so passionate about shifting the mindset of the salon owner and team so they feel confident, empowered and ready to be catapulted into true success."
  • MORE ABOUT THE SPEAKERS: Sarah Garner The Creative genius behind Marketing, Branding and all things design. Design Market Organise Me is a multifunctional creative agency that is home to a collective of talented (and did I mention rad) nomads. Although we aren't all permanently based in a fixed location, our mission is to ensure that your project deserves all of our attention and heart from start to finish. One thing I find that small business' struggle with when it comes to communicating with their market is that they don't know quite know how best to communicate effectively with them, nor do they truly understand who their target demographic actually is. Your brand ultimately is a reflection of YOU and your personality, the real question to ask yourself is are you proud of the way your branding represents you?
  • MORE ABOUT THE SPEAKERS: Jaye Edwards Trail blazer, innovator, entrepreneur and all round good guy Jaye shot into the hair industry spotlight in recent year creating a cult following. In this Q & A, Jaye will reveal what it takes to build a brand and multi location business model. ---- Edwards and Co is Australia’s leading hair agency, housing the countries most innovative and trend setting hair stylists and makeup artists. Each stylist specialises in their own niche market, offering a truly personalised service to clients. Known for creating beautiful colour work Edwards and Co has developed a significant following on social media platforms. Each salon is raw and minimal in its design with spacious and bright interiors, becoming the winner for Best Salon Design at the Australian Hair Industry Awards 2017 (Alexandria). With now five salons located in Sydney, Melbourne, Byron Bay and the Gold Coast, Edwards and Co has seen dramatic growth both as a hair salon and business throughout its four years of existence. As a result it took home the Best Salon Business Award at the Australian Hair Fashion Awards 2017.
  • MORE ABOUT THE SPEAKERS: Angeli Marie Shaw AKA 'The Bliss Coach' is a holistic empowerment coach who supports people in making the transition from unconscious to conscious living, activating their inner soul power and strength, and empowering their clients to live the life they deserve. Working one on one, 'The Bliss Coach' helps their clients recognize fear based behaviors, unhealthy lifestyles, and emotional blockages that prevent them from being the best they can be mentally, physically and professionally. SHIFT YOUR MINDSET