23. August 2019 - 10:30 till 17:00
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*** is Lecture Performance? | Buxton Contemporary - Education Gallery | Friday, 23. August 2019

The lecture, by its very nature, is performative. At first glance it would seem that Lecture Performance is a tautology: an over qualification of an established mode of knowledge delivery that has been employed within the Academy for centuries. Yet Performance in this context is not simply a reiteration, it is in fact an expansion that challenges the lecture form. It demands that the lecture question its performativity through an experimentation with its delivery. By opening up the lecture format to a broad range of speculative modes of information dissemination, the Lecture Performance format can provide new ways of thinking about how knowledge is produced and exchanged within, and even beyond, the university. 
Performance is at the core of the visual arts. Performance both structures experience and produces artefacts as a register of the creative act. All creative expression – from painting to musical expression to writing – is in some way a register of the performance of its generation. Being a hybrid of artistic research culture, visual art and performative narrative techniques, the Lecture Performance format can address the status and potential of knowledge production through art. 
This one-day symposium event will bring a diverse range of artists and scholars together to explore the lecture as an artistic medium. 
Convened by Dr Tessa Laird, Dr Sean Lowry, Dr Kim Donaldson and Dr Mark Shorter of the Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne.
Program 10.30 - 5.00pm
10.30 Introduction: Tessa Laird, Sean Lowry, Kim Donaldson and Mark Shorter 
11am - 1pm
1. Lucreccia Quintanilla 
2. Irina Danilova 
3. Steven Rhall 
4. Fayen D’Evie and Luke King
5. Lauren Gower
1 - 2pm Lunch (not provided) 
2pm - 4.30pm
1. Jane Polkinghorne 
2. Damien Melchiori 
3. Katie Sfetkidis 
4. Lou Hubbard
5. Diego Ramirez 
6. Draf Draffin
7. Sam Peterson 
4.30pm Closing remarks: Tessa Laird, Sean Lowry, Kim Donaldson and Mark Shorter 
5pm – 6:30pm Drinks reception for seminar attendees and participants 
This event has been made possible through the generous support of the Centre of Visual Art (CoVA) at the University of Melbourne and Buxton Contemporary.

Banner image: Damien Melchiori, Le Pas Perdu, 2019, lecture-performance still. Photo: Daniel Wilson, 2018, 120mm colour negative film.

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