13. November 2019 - 19:00 till 21:00
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How to Increase Your Sales | Spring Valley Destination | Wednesday, 13. November 2019

This meeting will show you ways to increase your sales consistently, with carefully measured efforts in order to reap the rewards.
The ability to sell someone something - whether it's a product, a service, or an idea - is the fundamental skill at the core of many, many jobs in the business world (especially ones with commission-based pay).
When it comes to closing a sale, it's not all about smooth-talking your buyer. It's just as important to be able to listen intently, think critically, and to intelligently apply effective sales techniques. By doing these things, not only will your personal sales increase - your business's will as well.
Finding new people to buy your product or service is an important part of the entire sales process. It may be tough for some people, but if your goal is to increase sales then you need to figure out which sales strategy will be effective for your target customer.
This will be an informal setting where everyone will have the opportunity to LEARN from each other, as well as SHARE best practices about Preparing for a Sales Call.- 30-second Introduction- Guided Interaction on the Importance of the Sales TopicWhether you are just beginning a career in Sales or a seasoned Pro, at this meeting you will learn several golden nuggets of value which you can apply immediately!When people focus on a particular topic, it's becomes a Win-Win for everyone! (Mastermind)We encourage you to bring a notebook and pen, as you do not want to miss out on anything!RSVP as soon as possible, places are limited.
$10   Early Bird Price
$15  At the door