07. December 2019 - 8:00
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The SWISH Bootcamp | ISR Training | Saturday, 07. December 2019

This 2-day class is a highly intensive, multi-dimensional sales training program, packed with practical application sales skills, designed to engage all learning styles.
Throughout the course, you will learn all the required actions needed to be a successful salesperson, or train and lead a high-performing sales team to increase sales revenue.This boot camp is a comprehensive overview of how to deal with leads from all sources, close sales and create repeat and referral business.

What does the course cover?
With our training, you will:

Leave with your own powerful 60-second elevator pitch and networking pitch to entice clients in every situation

Learn how to understand and ultimately attract your ideal prospects

Present a compelling, emotional & logical presentation of why prospects should do business with you

Own an audience with ultimate confidence

Learn the art & power of language

Understand the full negotiation ladder to inspire people to buy from your presentation

Be able to build value in Yourself, your Product & your Company

Utilise the true art of tonality to maximise every presentation

Learn how to build rapport with all personality types

Finally, have the skill to generate thousands of dollars in new business using the power of your tone & words

What are the main benefits?
Learn how to implement skills in your day to day and become a world-class negotiator and communicator. Where we differ significantly to other training, is that the pure focus is on increasing revenue by communicating your message to market better, converting more sales through elegant consultation and retaining customers through world-class service.
Compounding that, the very few direct comparisons in the market for sales training programs are often very cliché and are built out of pushy, relentless sales techniques that are very outdated and not relevant to today’s consumer or the market in its entirety within the digital age in which we find ourselves.
So, if you think that salespeople are pushy, money-hungry, do not listen to their consumers and rarely take no for an answer, then you can appreciate why educating yourself or your team to be the same will serve no long-term benefit to personal or professional growth for you or your organisation.
Who is it for?

Any professional who wishes to acquire new skills, compound or enhance existing knowledge and most importantly increase income through ethical sales practices.

Anyone who is struggling to generate and convert your leads to increase sales revenue. When you take control of your sales, you control your income.

Individual sales staff looking to increase sales revenue and earn more commissions.

Start-Up business owners looking to increase sales revenue.

Business development managers struggling with common objections such as; I don’t have time, I can’t afford it, Can I think about it.

Sales managers looking to train and motivate their team to perform at the highest levels at all times.

People looking for a change in career who want to break into the sales industry.