25. September 2020 - 21:00
The Brass Monkey, Sutherland
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Songs From Another Life: Music of Antiquity (LP Live) - The Winged Heels - BRASS MONKEY #CRONULLA | Friday, 25. September 2020

Songs From Another Life: Music of Antiquity (LP Live) - The Winged Heels - BRASS MONKEY #CRONULLA

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Steve Kilbey & Gareth Koch present: SONGS FROM ANOTHER LIFE Music of Antiquity

featuring Roger Mason (Icehouse) Keyboards/Guitar Barton Price (The Models) Percussion

Songs from Another Life (Music of Antiquity) is the second collaborative album by Steve Kilbey and Gareth Koch.

It follows their successful debut Chryse Planitia earlier this year. Steve & Gareth are joined by music legends Barton Price & Roger Mason to render their unique musical creation. It is an entirely new and esoteric body of work, evoking a living connection to the past which resonates with us all.

The live performance includes pieces from both albums, reconstructed to suit the live format, and will be presented as a 1 hour set plus an encore. The chemistry of these four musicians is undeniable as they harness their diverse musical influences. It is tantalising to reflect on how music of the 'ancients' might have sounded. Our clues lie in the iconography and artistic representations of the pre-Christian era, and within specific types of folk music which retain a living tradition. This continuum provides a valuable framework in the attempt at reconstructing ancient music. Indian folk music and Arabic-Andalucian music create a viable template, since these traditions continue into the present day. The earliest form of notation was created in Babylonia, probably in about 1400BC.

The instructions are fragmentary, but the cuneiform tablets suggest that the music was composed using scales, harmonies and gestures not altogether unfamiliar to today's listener. In Steve's words on the liner notes to the LP he says: "Working with language scholars and local musicians, we have attempted to bring these ancient songs alive. They have rendered the songs in a manner that is comprehensible to the modern listener. The songs and recordings represent the thoughts and sounds of a distant antiquity. Here then is the past - and now the past is here."