14. November 2019 - 9:30
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Adobe After Effects Course | Sydney Campus, Room to be advised | Thursday, 14. November 2019

Make a big scene even bigger with our Adobe After Effects courses in Sydney.Adobe After Effects is the industry-standard animation and creative compositing app that allows you to bring the impossible to life. As the tool of choice for the world’s leading animators, designers and compositors, Adobe After Effects allows you to create spectacular motion graphics and visual effects for film, TV, video and the web. With Adobe After Effects you can create everything from cinematic film titles, intros and transitions to animated logos, designs or character. By combining videos and images Adobe After Effects will enable you to set anything in motion by taking any idea and making it move. Learn Adobe After Effects with our Adobe After Effects courses in Sydney - short courses open to everyone.In this Adobe After Effects course you will learn how to use the Adobe After Effects application and animation tools for producing high resolution, high-quality motion graphics and visual effects.Learning OutcomesAt the completion of this Adobe After Effects course you should be able to:Start Adobe After Effects and have an understanding of its workspace.Work with toolbars and menus.Import assets and work with various file formats.Work with integrating other Adobe applications including Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.Create motion graphics and visual effects.Export your creation in various formats and organise your projects.Course ContentThis Adobe After Effects course will cover the following content:Introduction to After EffectsUnderstanding the basics of motion graphics.Some useful terminology.The After Effects Welcome screen.Tools and panels in After Effects.Importing Assets into After EffectsWorking with layered files.Different file types.Creating compositions.Integration with Adobe’s Design ProductsWorking with Adobe Photoshop.Working with Adobe Illustrator.Importing AI/PS files and available options.Basic Animation Concepts in After EffectsLayer transform properties.Timing and keyframing.Motion paths.Layer orientation.Working with EffectsIntroduction to effects.Effect parameters.Re-ordering effects.Disabling effects.Working with Audio in After EffectsAdding audio.Different formats.Previewing audio.Audio effects.Linking Different Layers in After EffectsParenting.Using the pick-whip.Pre-composing.Switches and modes.Working with Masks in After EffectsCreating a simple mask.Custom shape tools.Working with the Pen Tool.Handles and bezier curves.Mask properties.After Effects Adjustment LayersCreating and using Adjustment Layers.Advantages and limitations.After Effects RotoscopingSeparating the foreground from the background.Animating masks.Using the Roto Brush Tool.Motion Tracking in After EffectsUnderstanding how motion tracking works.Stabilising motion.Applying tracking data to another layer.Text Animation in After EffectsWorking with text layers.Animation presets.Using text animators.Range selectors.Animating Vector Files in After EffectsUsing the Puppet Pin Tool.Creating a mesh.Keyframing puppet pins.After Effects Shape LayersCreating basic and advanced shapes.Animating shape layers.Using the repeater.The Third DimensionSetting up 3D scenes.Working with 3D layers.3D properties.Exporting from After EffectsUnderstanding the Render ***** and its properties.Different file formats.Codecs.Exporting for different platforms.Intended AudienceThis Adobe After Effects course provides a comprehensive and thorough coverage of using Adobe After Effects. This course is ideal for new or existing Adobe After Effects users seeking to learn Adobe After Effects tasks outlined in the course content.Delivery StyleThis Adobe After Effects course is presented as a practical, instructor-led computer-based course. You’ll have dedicated access to a computer exclusively for your use so you can follow instructor training and work through examples in an application-focused teaching environment.Course PrerequisitesThis Adobe After Effects course assumes little or no knowledge of Adobe After Effects. You should be familiar with the basic functions of a computer operating system. This includes navigating the environment using a mouse and keyboard, starting applications, copying and pasting objects, formatting text, creating folders, opening and saving files, familiarity with the accessing the Internet and use of common web browsers. If you do not have these skills, we recommend attending the Basic Computer Skills Course before attempting this course.Course MaterialsParticipants attending this Adobe After Effects course are required to bring their own earphones or headphones. Includes a free copy of Adobe After Effects CC Classroom in a Book 2018 Release. This comprehensive text from Adobe Press will be a handy reference to supplement your classroom learning.Banner Image: Takayuki Sato (Tokyo, Japan), behance.net/gallery/47437367/Beyond-The-Moment-of-Beauty-Into-The-GalaxyAlternative DatesAdditional instances of this course may be available and published on our website. See Adobe After Effects Course for more information, or to join the waiting list and be advised when we schedule more.SessionsThis event is comprised of multiple sessions. Registered participants are expected to attend all scheduled times.Thu 14 Nov 2019 9:30AM - 4:30PMRoom to be advised, Sydney CampusFri 15 Nov 2019 9:30AM - 4:30PMRoom to be advised, Sydney Campus