31. August 2019 - 9:00 till 17:00
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Agile Course and Scrum Project Management | Sydney Campus, ELI-229 Lecture Room | Saturday, 31. August 2019

Seize opportunity, without being burdened by unnecessary processes with our Process Improvement courses in Sydney.Learn Process Improvement with our Process Improvement courses in Sydney - short courses open to everyone.This agile course will train you in the principles of agile project management methodology and its application through scrum management. A scrum master is the facilitator for an agile development team and manages the process for how information is exchanged. Agile is a methodology that allows a team to self-organise and make changes quickly. This agile course is designed to enable you to apply agile principles across a broad spectrum of work settings, rather than just the traditional base of IT agile settings. You will leave this agile course feeling confident in leading a scrum team, by embracing a full set of agile management tools. In so doing, you will be well-placed to add value to dynamic, fast-paced environments where iterative change is imperative for delivering a valued outcome for your customer, whether they are internal or external.This fast paced agile course will offer you the skills to lead teams in a scrum framework where dedication to the task at hand and being responsive to changes right up to the “drop-dead” date are a reality. This flexibility characterises an agile approach and assists in producing the most competitive offerings at any moment in time. You will learn all you need to manage scrums, with its associated roles, ceremonies and artefacts/documents to enable fast, high quality results. The net result is not only a win for your organisation, but for the scrum team members who are empowered to make real change to deliver the most up-to-date outcomes sought by customers.This agile course is suitable for anyone interested in agile principles and becoming a scrum master, irrespective of level of prior industry experience. This agile and scrum management course will meet the needs of participants from commercial, government, institutional and not-for-profit/for purpose sectors.Learning AimsThis agile course aims to:Provide a firm basis for adopting agile methodology, regardless of your industry/professional sector.Outline how a scrum master is different from a traditional project manager; and how leading a scrum team can be more rewarding both for the organisation and each of the scrum team members.Deliver a feasibility appraisal for the appropriateness of agile and scrum methodologies in your nominated work setting.Learning OutcomesAfter successfully completing this agile course, you should be able to:Introduce an agile framework to any organisation and engage relevant stakeholders to support adopting agile processes.Demonstrate the skills needed for being an effective scrum master.Determine which flavour of agile is most useful for the needs of your organisation.Train team members in how to work effectively in a scrum team.Effectively utilise the ceremonies and artefacts that characterise agile and scrim project management methodology.Course ContentThis agile and scrum management course covers the following topics:The agile project management frameworkThe contrast between agile project management methodology and more traditional forms of project management.The many different flavours of agile and how agile can be tailored to the individual needs of any organisation.The values and team principles on which Agile is based.How an agile team can be more effective than a traditional project management team.The agile methodologyDeliverables rather than comprehensive documentation.Customer collaboration rather than contract negotiation.Responding to change rather than following a plan.Agile iterations.The scalability of agile.Embracing positive risk as well as mitigating negative risk.How to make agile work effectively in your organisation.Scrum methodologyDefinition of a scrum.The key roles within a scrum team.The symbiotic relationship between a scrum master and a product owner.How to be an effective scrum master.The nature of a Sprint.The importance of “User Stories”.Burn down charts, velocity and remaining work.Daily Stand up meetings.Scrum planning – pre-release and release plans.Sprint review and retrospectives.Agile and Scrum toolsAs a scrum master, how to be an effective coach.How to pro-actively anticipate customer needs.How to create an environment where change is embraced.Solving problems creatively within a scrum team.Creating a strong team culture.Taking a pro-active approach to innovation.Building healthy boundaries so scrum teams can truly deliver.Fostering collaboration within the scrum team and broader organisation.Interface between agile and change management principles.Interface e between agile and risk management principles.The relationship been agile, lean six sigma and kaizen *****.The parallel between agile, design thinking and complexity science.Intended AudienceThis agile and scrum management course is suitable for any project management, business manager or team leader interested in familiarising themselves with agile project management principles and scrum methodology. You may be seeking exposure to agile and scrums for the first time or your may be an experienced project manager considering how an agile approach can add to your current repertoire of skills. Whilst Agile has traditionally been the domain of the IT industry, this agile and scrum management course is aimed at showing how an agile and scrum approach can be used in all sectors.Delivery StyleThis agile course is delivered in a hand-on, practical way that will allow you to immediately practise the skills acquired within this workshop setting. In so doing, use is made of examples and practical demonstrations for building your confidence in implementing agile and managing scrums principles.Course PrerequisitesThis Agile and Lean course has no prerequisites and is open to all members of the public.Alternative DatesAdditional instances of this course may be available and published on our website. 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