21. April 2020 - 9:00
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Design Thinking Course | Sydney Campus, Room to be advised | Tuesday, 21. April 2020

Develop creative ways to solve specific issues with our Design Thinking courses in Sydney.Learn Design Thinking with our Design Thinking courses in Sydney - short courses open to everyone.This design thinking course explores and explains the essential design thinking skill set. Innovation touches every aspect of our lives today and is necessary for survival and continual development. Business success depends on it. Given the uncertainty of today’s business environment, the potential scale of disruption in all sectors is nudging businesses to think in innovative ways and possibly re-position as markets become increasingly competitive. Consumers demand innovation everywhere and in many cases, eagerly anticipate the next new product or service.This design thinking course is aimed at assisting you hone a collection of skills which are not typically covered in business schools; although it is a skill set that is invaluable to anyone working in business or for that matter a professional field and is not limited to those people working in a “creative” industry or for whom design is part of their role. Design thinking is an egalitarian skill set that can be learned, practised, and championed by professionals across diverse industries and job categories.Innovation thrives on streaming small ideas not huge breakthroughs. This design thinking course will foster ideation. Learning AimsThe aim of this design thinking course is for you to work through and increase your understanding of perplexing problems as well as innovating new ways of doing things. This design thinking course is aimed at enhancing your learning several iterative processes including perceiving the problem to solve or understanding the new idea, identifying the dimensions and granularity of one or other, exploring and improving the situation where it will be used and for those who will use it, visualising and sampling selected options and finally, experimenting one or two options and assessing the outcomes of each. The aim of this design thinking course is for you to take a strategic view that will assist you focus on seeing the problem from different perspectives, identifying various opportunities that you can action rapidly and implement to refine or resolve a problem, a new idea or a challenge.To do this, this course will focus on gaining better insight into customers and customer segments, present and potential; competitors, present and potential as well as the possibilities for identifying and meeting unmet market demand as well as ensuring the durability of the current business model and considering potential refinements.Explore and gain insight: in the changing environment.Expand thinking: For each set of ideas in (1), expand them and explore their potential to position your organisation for a new plateau of success.Focus: develop a deep focus on the appropriate aspects arising from (1) and (2) e.g. customers, competitors, durability of business model.Align: activate the team behind a renewed focus e.g. new skills, ways of thinking.Execute: implement fast in light of rapid transformation.Renew: engender creativity into strategic thinking and planning.There is a huge growth in the use of collaborative innovation in businesses. So, an additional benefit of this design thinking course is the value of team work. Co-operative and integrated learning is at the heart of this approach. It is a skill set relevant in most settings today when the focus has become ‘what is best for me’ rather than ‘what is best for others’. People enhance their learning capacity when they are actively engaged and where the task requires them to be involved and share information with and assist others in specific tasks. Constructive interdependence and personal accountability are the hallmarks of cooperative learning.More importantly, teams lead and they lead as well as work on innovations. This design thinking course will unlock the potential not only for innovative and critical thinking but also for influencing others – the hallmark of team work.Learning OutcomesBy the end of the program, participants will be able to:Improve their critical thinking skills.Influence the development of own mindsets and behaviours needed for creative confidence e.g. pushing the boundaries of current thinking.Implement the art of nudge.Strengthen their ability to work in a team so as to see and respond through the eyes of customers e.g. curiosity, listening and diagnosis.Improve their co-operative learning skills.Lead teams to learn and apply.Tools for creative thinking in strategic planning: mind mapping brainstorming; scenario planning; back casting.Design thinking methodology, in order to solve user and customer problems in new, innovative ways.Design thinking builds strong teams: comfortable with diversity, radical empathy; communicating and sharing a vocabulary; and working together to translate ideas into tangible actions and outcomes.Course ContentThis design thinking course will cover the following topics:Overview of design thinking processes.Case study analysis.Design thinking project: challenging problem – participant’s problem.Explore from end-users' perspectives.Review progress.Generate phase: brainstorming and selecting ideas.Prototype.Testing solutions.Pitching the ‘solution’.Creative team working practices.Intended AudienceThis design thinking course is for anyone interested in user design, experience design, social design, integrated design, product or service design. Whether you are at the beginning of your design journey, somewhere in the middle or approaching the end, this design thinking course will be of interest and value to you. This design thinking course is suitable no matter what kind of business you’re in, its size, or as a single entrepreneur.This design thinking course is ideal for teachers and trainers who wish to develop their critical and co-operative learning of their students and similarly for leaders of teams in any industry sector or organisation.Delivery StyleThis design thinking course will be delivered as an interactive workshop consisting of an instructor-led lecture, group and individual activities. This training approach allows you to work through concepts introduced by the instructor in an application-focused teaching environment. You will challenge your understanding of the concepts and consider their application once back in your individual workplace. You will have the opportunity to pitch your project or concept to the audience in the final session receiving feedback from the instructor, entrepreneurs and business specialists and your peers.Course PrerequisitesThis design thinking course has no prerequisites and is open to all members of the public.Alternative DatesAdditional instances of this course may be available and published on our website. See Design Thinking Course for more information, or to join the waiting list and be advised when we schedule more.SessionsThis event is comprised of multiple sessions. Registered participants are expected to attend all scheduled times.Tue 21 Apr 2020 9:00AM - 5:00PMRoom to be advised, Sydney CampusTue 28 Apr 2020 9:00AM - 5:00PMRoom to be advised, Sydney Campus