07. October 2017 - 10:00 till 18:30
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A Different Conversation '17 | The Wayside Chapel Kings Cross | Saturday, 07. October 2017

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We identified the need for a different kind of conversation around questions of faith, sexuality and gender. We choose to respect the differences that our traditions hold on these areas but believe that we can converse in a way that brings a sense of dignity and grace to all of God’s children.

We choose to have this conversation in an educational manner because we believe that understanding the perspective of our neighbour is important.

The position of ‘A Different Conversation’ is to hold the conversation in a safe manner that allows the stories of LGBTI people to come forward while also allowing the central questions of faith, dignity, grace and truth to be held.

We are not here to give you answers; we are here to hold the questions alongside you.

Speakers include:
Alex Greenwich, MP
Father and son duo Steve and Dr Zac Turner
Jon Owen, Assistant Pastor of Wayside Chapel
Elizabeth Plant and Bec Apted, Spark Church
Glen Bennett, Incedo (NZ)
Alan Barraclough
Rhett Pearson
Fiona Lakos
Jo Hardy

Facilitated by Mike Hercock and Lauren Evans.

Register here:
Cost: $40pp
Venue: Wayside Chapel, Potts Point.

This will be the 6th time we have held ADC in Sydney.

Mike Hercock, Lauren Evans, Rhett Pearson
  • Today's the day! Looking forward to seeing you all this morning, don't forget to arrive a few minutes early to check in and register so we can kick off at 10am. See you all soon!
  • Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow at the Wayside Chapel! We will be kicking off at 10am so please come a few minutes early, coffee in hand (bring a keep-cup!), so that you can check in at the rego desk before we start.
  • Morning all! 1 day to go!! Just letting you know regos will be open on the day.
  • If you're wondering how to get to ADC on Saturday... King Cross station is a quick 5 minute walk away (with a cafe or two along the way to stop off at to grab a coffee in the morning!) or we can get your parking ticket validated for Kings Cross Parking Station on Ward Avenue for $15. Easy!
  • SPEAKER ANNOUNCEMENT: RAY HUNTSMAN AND CHRISSY DOYLE Ray is a 23 year old transman from Sydney. He grew up on the south coast of NSW and, after moving out of home, begun his transition in Canberra at age 20. He works in customer service and wholesale in a men's clothing and underwear business, and in his spare time enjoys spending time outdoors plus catching up with family and friends. He especially enjoys a good coffee, plus hanging out with his partner Chrissy. Ray has only recently been active in the LGBTQI community, after moving to Sydney 1 year ago, but is enjoying every moment of it. Chrissy is a transwoman living in Sydney, originally from Wollongong. She started her medical transition 2.5 years ago, but had gender dysphoria from a young age. Chrissy loves to go shopping, pat cute dogs, and regularly visits Wollongong to spend time with her supportive friends and family. She also enjoys a good coffee and book, and can often be found at a cafe with Ray. Chrissy is an active member of the trans community, and has recently been appointed as co-administrator of the Trans Sydney Pride 2018 Mardi Gras float.
  • Last night your trusty ADC team (Lauren, Rhett and Mike) headed out to In Bloom: The Art of Becoming Art Exhibition at 107 Projects, Redfern. The evening was a celebration of trans and gender non binary artists and included some photos of Rhett by the legendary Parker Blain of Self Made Men. The exhibition runs til Sunday - get along and check it out! (Link in comments) Great night hearing stories from the community. We're looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday and hearing more incredible stories from across the faith/gender/sexuality intersection.
  • PROGRAM FOR THE DAY: Saturday 7th October @ The Wayside Chapel 10am Welcome to Country Introduction to A Different Conversation 10.45am Session One + Panel 11.45am Break 12pm Session Two + Panel 1pm Lunch 1.50pm Session Three + Panel 3pm Session Four + Panel Closing thoughts 4.30pm Break 5.30pm Jeff Crabtree / Reflective Space 6.30pm Close
  • The Power of Love, Mike Hercock 4/10/17 One could be excused for thinking that there is a trial on what love is within our culture at the moment. On one side we have those happy romantic images of same *** couples planning their wedding, on the other we have the staunch moral traditionalist holding onto the very fabric of society, with the real concern that if this final thread is undone it could cause the whole garment to become undone. As a religious person who has been intimately involved with the lives of LGBTI people I wonder how the love of God is revealed to my friends in a real and tangible way. It seems to me that as a follower of Jesus, the Church is as much on trial as to how it shows real love however conflicted it may feel. Perhaps it is one of the largest tests of the character of the Church in a generation. What is this love of Christ to the LGBTI community? As one of the founding members of a group of Ministers called 100 Revs we attempted to plot a different path, one of modelling contrition where we have done wrong. We marched in the Mardi Gras in 2008, a small motley group of Ministers of different denominations with the simple words we are sorry for the harm that we have caused. Not many religious folks agreed with us at the time. No longer in a religious ministers role I am reminded of the hospitality and warmth we were embraced in as we marched down Oxford Street. The countless people who hugged us and quietly whispered in our ears I went to Sunday school or Church once, it means a lot to me that you're saying sorry, still brings a tingle down my spine. A few of us are meeting at Wayside Chapel this Saturday bringing together stories of Hope from our LGBTI friends, stories of finding themselves, finding community, finding faith and a way forward. Why you might ask is another motley crew engaging in “A Different Conversation” at this time. We believe the Church can be so much more than the current conversation, we believe that people of faith have a responsibility to engage in the humanity of LGBTI people whatever the vote. We imagine a different Church, one where we are not defined by our differences but by the one who calls us together.
  • SPEAKER: ANDREW MCCLOUD Andrew grew up on northern beaches of Sydney. He holds two undergraduate degrees: a Bachelor of Arts majoring in politics and a Bachelor of Music majoring in vocal studies. He is the mission worker at Leichhardt Uniting Church that also sees him work at the University of Sydney with Christian Students Uniting. In his free time Andrew works on his songwriting and sings with the a Capella Gospel Choir ‘The Café of the Gate of Salvation’. Register here: https://www.trybooking.com/SAHJ Saturday 7 October, 10am - 6.30pm The Wayside Chapel, Potts Point
  • End-of-long-weekend blues?! How about you get your rego sorted for A Different Conversation '17 and give yourself something to look forward to at the end of the working week?! A Different Conversation Saturday 7 October, 10am - 6.30pm The Wayside Chapel, Potts Point https://www.trybooking.com/SAHJ
  • SPEAKER ANNOUNCEMENT: FIONA LAKOS Fi is a social worker who spends her working days in a hospital ward seeking to help people recover from mental illness and drug use. She spends her other days at the beach, at gigs and around friends and family in various locations. Fi grew up in Sydney where she spent many hours of her life participating in church. There were somehow always people around who loved Jesus and didn’t mind Fi asking tricky questions about God and Christianity. Fi has been connected with Imagine for a few years in various ways. She attended her first ever Mardi Gras this year, marching with the Uniting Church to say LGBTI refugees are welcome here.
  • Here we are, everyone! Our full list of speakers for ADC ’17 (scroll down for bios): Bec Apted and Elizabeth Plant Allan Barraclough Glen Bennett Chrissy Doyle and Ray Huntsman Craig Gee Alex Greenwich Jo Hardy Fiona Lakos Andrew McCloud Ray and Larissa Minniecon Jon Owen Rhett Pearson Steve and Zac Turner Facilitated by Lauren Evans and Mike Hercock, with guest Anthony Venn-Brown. Program coming soon...
  • We're less than a week away from A Different Conversation '17! Don't forget to register so we know you're coming! Saturday 7 October, 10am - 6.30pm The Wayside Chapel, Potts Point.
  • SPEAKER ANNOUNCEMENT: ALEX GREENWICH, Independent Member for Sydney As a member of the NSW Cross-Party Marriage Equality, Alex is working to progress same-*** marriage in NSW. Soon he will introduce amendments to the NSW Anti-Discrimination Act to end discrimination against NSW LGBTI high School Students. The NSW Parliament recently unanimously supported Alex's motions welcoming openly gay Bishop Gene Robinson to NSW and acknowledging the important work done by ACON towards HIV/AIDS prevention and education. Alex is also working towards greater recognition and protection for the Trans and Intersex communities in NSW laws.
  • SPEAKER ANNOUNCEMENT: ANTHONY VENN-BROWN In a former life, Anthony Venn-Brown was a high profile preacher in Australia’s mega-churches, such as Hillsong. His bestselling autobiography 'A Life of Unlearning' is now in its third edition and continues to have a profound impact on gay and straight alike globally. As an LGBTI community leader and founder of Ambassadors & Bridge Builders International, Anthony provides safe spaces for dialogue and training for Christian leaders, churches and organisations about LGBTI people and the community. For nearly 20 years Anthony has worked with 1,000’s of individuals assisting them to resolve the perceived conflict between their faith and sexuality. Anthony has been twice voted one of the 25 Most Influential Gay & ******* Australian.
  • SPEAKER ANNOUCEMENT: PASTOR RAY MINNIECON Pastor Ray Minniecon is a descendant of the Kabi Kabi nation and the Gurang Gurang nation of South-East Queensland. Ray is also a descendant of the South Sea Islander people with deep and abiding connections to the people of Ambrym Island. Pastor Ray has a BA in Theology from Murdoch University in Western Australia. At Murdoch, Ray helped establish the Aboriginal Education Unit where he assisted in the founding of a graduate degree program in Aboriginal Studies. Ray assisted in developing the Aboriginal Employment Strategy for Murdoch University and assisted in developing the first Veterinary Studies for Aboriginal people. Ray is the father of three children he has two grandchildren. Ray loves writing, singing and song writing. He also loves music, sport, public speaking and travel.
  • Hi all! Just a little note about the cost... ADC has never made any profit and we're not organising it in a paid capacity, but there are costs involved in running something like this so we've had to charge. If there's any money left at the end we'll give it to Wayside Chapel. Of course we wouldn't want the cost to be a barrier to anyone coming. If you'd like to chat about this email us at differentconversation@gmail.com Lauren x
  • If you're planning on joining us at ADC '17, don't forget to register here: www.trybooking.com/SAHJ Saturday 7 Oct, 10am - 6.30pm, $40pp.
  • Don't forget to get your registration in if you're planning on coming!
  • Not sure how to get there? King Cross station is a quick 5 minute walk away (with a cafe or two along the way to stop off at to grab a coffee in the morning!) or we can get your parking ticket validated for Kings Cross Parking Station on Ward Avenue for $15. Easy!
  • Here we are guys in the space that in less than 2 weeks will become ADC. Don't worry there will be chairs! Such a great morning today in this iconic building that holds a diverse and welcoming community. Can't wait. Lauren x
  • SPEAKER ANNOUCEMENT: Father and son duo, STEVE AND ZAC TURNER Steve and Felicity have been together for 37 years and married for most of them. They have 5 children and 2 grandsons, and live in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Broadly they have been helping develop community for nearly 40 years around Australia, formally with a number of groups and always intentionally within their local people spaces. They have supported other ADC's, walked with 100 Revs and have always moved closely with subcultural groups within Australia and beyond. The Turners are passionate followers of Jesus' teachings on loving your neighbour, love that their kids are their besties, and enjoy 'too much' to mention here. Dr Zac Turner completed his medical studies at the University of Sydney, successfully gaining a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. Before his studies, Zac trained and worked as a Registered Nurse, both in Australia and internationally. Growing up in rural Queensland, Zac found a love of volunteering in areas of need, including Arnhem Land, the Philippines, Cambodia and the Congo. With a broad spectrum of surgical experience across orthopaedics, plastics and reconstructive surgery, Zac also has a keen interest in sports and cosmetic medicine. Zac is also an officer of the Royal Australian Navy and has represented Australia in Basketball and Beach Volleyball.
  • A Different Conversation '17 is nearly here! A Different Conversation is a forum that started ten years ago from a Baptist church in Surry Hills called Imagine with the purpose of identifying a different way of conversing respectfully about gender, sexuality and faith. We recognised the need for a conversation that brought together the human elements faced by LGBTI people of faith through story and discussion. Speakers include: Alex Greenwich, MP Father and son duo Steve and Dr Zac Turner Jon Owen, Assistant Pastor of Wayside Chapel Elizabeth Plant and Bec Apted, Spark Church Glen Bennett, Incedo (NZ) Alan Barraclough Fiona Lakos Jo Hardy Rhett Pearson ...and many more! This will be the 6th ADC in Sydney, graciously hosted by The Wayside Chapel, and is facilitated by Mike Hercock and Lauren Evans. Registrations essential: https://www.trybooking.com/SAHJ Cost: $40pp Venue: Wayside Chapel, Potts Point.
  • A Different Conversation '17 is getting closer! Saturday 7th October at The Wayside Chapel, Potts Point. We have an amazing line up of diverse speakers across the faith and LGBTI communities, ready to share a part of their journey. Registrations are essential, so head to https://www.trybooking.com/SAHJ to let us know you're coming. $40pp to cover costs. If you have any questions at all, please contact us at differentconversation@gmail.com