09. September 2019 - 9:30
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Elearning Course for Business | Sydney Campus, ELI-229 Lecture Room | Monday, 09. September 2019

Learn how to deliver your training online with our Elearning courses in Sydney.Get up to speed on the latest technologies and strategies for online course creation and explore the new ideas for innovative teaching. Learn how to effectively implement e-learning with our Elearning courses in Sydney - short courses open to how to plan, design and market elearning courses. This elearning course is ideal for those who need to create product training materials; or would like to set up an online training for your professional service, or become involved in teaching via elearning at any level. This introductory elearning course looks at ways of creating successful online training material as learning objects such as videos, podcasts, presentations then linking them to a platform such as an LMS, Blog or a CMS. This elearning course will include hands on exercises using a pre-installed LMS application, each student can then create and upload their own training learning objects created in AimsThis elearning course aims inform you of the online course development cycle which includes creating, managing and marketing an online course. This elearning course aims to develop your understanding of some of the authoring tools used for online course creation including video and audio for story telling and provides you with hands-on experience with an online course that could be used to promote as an online product by the end of the OutcomesAfter completing this elearning course you should be able to:Identify the different types of learning management systems available (self-hosted or cloud based).Develop engaging learning objects to be used on websites, blogs and LMS’s as part of the online learning different types of learning activities that could be embedded for learner different assessment strategies for learner to an online LMS and explore ways of creating and linking learning ContentThis elearning course covers the following topics:Introduction to elearningPlanning (technology, products, budget, marketing).How to get of and challenges of of elearning Models and learning theory.The use of free LMS’s available on the and structureKey elements of course online activities and online with content (Text is King).PresentationUsing effective PowerPoint and slides techniques for PowerPoint into powerful flash PowerPoint to web ToolsFree vs Commercial elearning – Rapid StoriesWhy include digital stories in your for creating effective video required (hardware, software).Creating your online with in creating effective required (hardware, software).PM3, Apple iTunes and RSS Podcasts to website, blogs and other Podcasts to search browser extensions for content editingApps for Google for Mozilla activitiesAssignment, Forum, Quiz, Wiki, Surveys , Blogs, IntegrationMoodle (Learning Management System).Joomla (Content Management System).Wordpress (Blog Websites).Web 2.0 Learn for elearningWhat is mobile learn (mLearn).Benefits and challenges of mobile up mobile elearning programsOnline Media AudienceThis elearning course is suitable for anyone wanting to get up to speed on technologies and strategies for online course creation. This elearning course is designed for anyone wanting to explore other ideas for teaching and embedding strategies such as flipped learning and blended learning. Organisational leaders and training managers wanting to design in-house online training programs will benefit from this elearning course as well as education change agents including lecturers, teachers, and educators at all levels who need to deliver cutting edge teaching StyleThis elearning course is presented as a practical, instructor-led computer-based course. You’ll have access to a hosted LMS application so you can follow instructor training and work through examples in an application-focused teaching environment. A number of activities will be included in the course for participants to share ideas on topics such as course titles, target audiences, course outcomes, marketing and selection of course development tools that fit purpose and PrerequisitesThis elearning course has no prerequisites and is open to all members of the MaterialsAs part of this elearning course, participants will have access to an online course toolkit DatesAdditional instances of this course may be available and published on our website. See Elearning Course for Business for more information, or to join the waiting list and be advised when we schedule event is comprised of multiple sessions. Registered participants are expected to attend all scheduled times.Mon 9 Sep 2019 9:30AM - 4:30PMELI-229 Lecture Room, Sydney CampusMon 16 Sep 2019 9:30AM - 4:30PMELI-229 Lecture Room, Sydney Campus